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Friday, December 7, 2012

A really big kind of update!

Sorry no posts lately folks! The internet at the Fisher House has been down all week and the internet at the hospital has been so in and out that it's been impossible to post! far as before that...yeah. No reason. No excuse. just a plain ol' sorry!

I know you're forgiving though. More forgiving than my body is after just finishing off an entire bag of Wild Berry super yummy Skittles! 

I now have a purple-blueish tongue. Eh.


Pretty much I have a bazillion and three pictures to share so I think you'll be looking more than reading tonight. Nothing new it seems! 



A couple weeks ago we played three different games and each time it ended up being me needing one point and Cale still won! Crazy game shark man.

I had lunch with this lovely. Everything is Christmasy. Love.

I made this little guy. A needle and wool. Yep. He's pretty stinkin' adorable...if I do say so myself. We set it up in Cale's room and decided to have it be the reminder of why we're working so hard...not to have a baby elephant rather a baby Darling. :o)

Cale painted me a scarf. Complete with brown, black, orange, blue, red, yellow, and pink. It'll match with everything...right?

Our friends Adam and Amy came for a quick visit! I loved getting to see them and visit with Amy. We share so many of the same thoughts and love for our men. Adam is doing so awesome and Amy is just wonderful. Our visit didn't go quite like we had both pictured, but the Lord knew we wanted time to visit and we were blessed with a good amount of it! 

We walked to the NEX the other day with two of the nurses. One of the other patients had wanted a video game and I offered to check walk over and see if the game he wanted was there. Cale had enough points to go so we went for a little walk. On the way back we passed this little play ground. Cale pulled at my arm and said, "Can I play on the toys?" Well of course! I helped him up the stairs and down the slide he went yelling, "Weeeeee!" 

I am so thankful for friendships! I've been able to get to know two other wives here and share our hearts, struggles, fears and memories with each other and Cale has a buddy that works here. What a gift! I selfishly with I could take them all home and keep them! Cale said he would hang out with T a lot if he was back home!

My husband is crazy. End of story. 

On Sunday one of the nurses took him to the Catholic Mass while I was running. Cale let her know he wasn't Catholic but it was a good trip off the unit. When I arrived back at the unit Cale was so excited to give me a pink Rosary he had picked out for me. He said, "Pink for you!" The furry hat was from the NEX. We walked past the shelf and it caught his eye. Of course he had to put it on! The Wing Nut hat was from my date with the girls. We went ice skating and then walked right to Buffalo Wild Wings. He wore it I think four days in a row :o)

I ran my goal Sunday! I pushed myself and felt so good afterwards! 

Cale tested on this little contraption this last week. If you have been following the blog for a couple years, this may look familiar! He worked on this in Palo Alto too! We have his scores to compare so the PT here will be looking at that. 

Click on the link below to see the video. It's really neat! I'm not sure how to upload our videos to this new blogger the link is all ya get! 

After testing, the next day (I think next day?) they strapped him up and he tried out the Caren. Amazing. It's like this massive video game that he gets to be a part of! He's standing on this platform that moves and turns. While playing the boat game, he could feel the waves! This challenges his balance like crazy! Just a short time on it wipes him out! He's done it twice now and hopefully two more times before we leave...yes! We'll be leaving soon! 

 I always love the letters that come to hospitals around Christmas time. They bring a smile to my face every time. My man is a hero indeed! 

Speaking of of the guys here created this when asked to make something describing his injury. On the outside there is no way you would know this guys has a brain injury. He is fully functioning, and in all ways looks "normal" but when he cut a part the mask and created this vision of his explosion while deployed and the injury he lives with, I couldn't help but be moved. Speechless. 

We went to a Christmas party yesterday. Do you notice the hat Cale is wearing? That would be Mon-Thurs that he wore it. Yep. Even our picture with Santa! Ha! The picture is a little blurry but only because I took a picture of the polaroid to show you. Cale won two prizes! 

We went to the Wax Museum here today. It was Cale's first outing away from the hospital! He did really well and we had lots of fun! It was crazy how real some of the people looked! 

We had a discussion about this picture and whether it was disrespectful or not. The conclusion was that if it would have been the real G. Bush, after spending 5 seconds with Cale, he would have been totally ok with it. So...we say he would have thought it was funny too. Also, I was told that he would come here often to visit the troops and every one said he was the most friendly now I know he would have loved it! If I had his address, I think I would mail this picture to him and bring a big smile to his face! I know it was fun for Cale! :o)

Ladies and Gentleman, the new President! 

...and I got to go to work with him! 

Men in Black. Oh yeah.

They were telling us how correct sized these wax people are. Do you see her next to me?! Taylor Swift (this one I don't think looks like her as real as some others) you have some height on me! Yikes! This was with me standing up a little! Don't ask about the face I'm making. Sheesh. 

That would be Cale rocking out with Michael Jackson. Yessssss.


We all went walking through a little Christmas market after the museum. We at first kind of followed the other guys around and then started on our own looking. So much fun! Don't you find walking trees and extra large walking gingerbread cookies walking around everywhere?

The day was a big success! Yaaahooo!

Things here are going good. Like I said earlier, it sounds like we'll be going home very soon. Cale is of course completely thrilled. I have a meeting with the Doc on Monday to go over everything. Will you be praying for this time? Wisdom, peace, and a clear mind and heart? 

Thank you for standing with us! 


  1. Looks like you had a BLAST...So excited at the prospect of your homecoming...Sent your Christmas package and your vinyl package you saw to the new house this morning in trust and faith that you will be there in time to Celebrate Christmas in Kennewick...Of course we will be praying...Love you my sweet...God is good..All the time...

  2. Good to hear from you. It looks like you're having a great time, but I know you will be glad to get back to your new home. Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures. Jean

  3. I absolutely LOVED the pictures. Where Cale had his hands on the table...well, he looked like he meant business. And you are right, I see walking trees and gingerbreads walking everywhere....well, not really. '~' Yes, my friend, I will trust with you for wisdon, peace, and a clear mind and heart. I love you and KNOW Father has His hand on you in a special way. Hugs, Marion

  4. Thank you for all the photos...those were fun! Praying for you today!


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