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Sunday, March 17, 2013

eight years.

eight years of...

sweet love
passionate kisses
excruciating pain
waterfalls of tears
hand written letters
prayers said
joy-filled moments
fingers intertwined
prayers answered
long talks
bellyful laughter
sleepless nights
long walks
memories made
full hearts

I look back to when I was just 18 years old (a kid!) when I vowed "I do" to Cale. I think about the way I loved him then. The joy and passion that overflowed...and then I look at now, 8 years later. Wow. Everyday I learn to love Cale more and more like Jesus loves him. So deep. So rich. So completely out of this humanly world. Way beyond anything seen in the newest hollywood chick flick. 

We talked tonight about how much we've been through but how thankful we both are for the gift of the other. I love that I get to be his wife...

March 17 2005- Married. Husband & Wife for life.
March 17 2006- Cale was deployed. Kathleen says, "Boo!"
March 17 2007- Cale still deployed. Kathleen says, "Big Boo!"
March 17 2008- Yay! Together! Casablanca and cheesecake while cuddled on the couch.
March 17 2009- Cale deployed. Kathleen with Mama.
March 17 2010- Cale in coma. 
March 17 2011- Still inpatient but almost home!
March 17 2012- In CA visiting friends and watching the Red Wings play hockey!!
March 17 2013- Inpatient again and almost home! Surprise dinner out! 

Here is the video I made from last year...

Here's from today!!!

Yesterday I received an invitation for a night of romance. It was to be a surprise and the only thing Cale would tell me is that he wanted me to dress nice unlike the sweats I was wearing! 
I tried so many times today to see if I could get anything out of him. His memory isn't great...right?'s good enough that he wouldn't budge! 

Later today his phone rang and after he hung up he said, "we have to go!" We went to the room grabbed our coats and off we went. Once outside there was a taxi waiting! A nurse had walked down with us, we said our good byes, and then the taxi driver asked where we were headed. Cale said, "Uh, I don't know!" Cale handed the guy a paper the nurse had given him to which the driver replied, "That's the voucher." Cale hands him a second paper. "That's the voucher for your way back. You better keep that." Cale then handed him the last piece of paper and between the two of them they got it figured out. At this point I guessed dinner, but had no clue where. The driver at one point broke the silence with, "Must be a special night. This is one of the finest restaurants in Bethesda!" 

A special night indeed! 

The food was amazing! Cale was super sweet and the best date a girl could ask for. I loved watching him in the environment of such a fancy place. Normally he asks what pop they have but tonight he asked, "What soft drinks do you have?" I had to help a little when he ordered but for the most part he did great on his own! Filet Mignon for him and salmon for me. He did try a bite of my salmon and after a horrid look on his face and a forced swallow, he said, "never again!"

After dinner we walked around the area a little before our taxi picked us back up. The Rec therapist has been planning this with Cale and with the help of the nursing was a perfect night! 

“If we commit ourselves to one person for life, this is not, as many people think, a rejection of freedom; rather, it demands the courage to move into all the risks of freedom, and the risk of love which is permanent; into that love which is not possession but participation.”
-Madeleine L'Engle


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Sounds like a beautiful evening!

  2. <3, <3, <3 the video for this year's Anniversary! You two are simply amazing! :)
    - Sunny

  3. LOVE your videos, and how sweet of a night Cale had planned for you two! What precious blessings with the love of your life!

  4. Oh, my sweet Kathleen!!! My eyes, with my heart are crying for you. What a wonderful time. My Timothy's room is right next to the computer. He heard the balloon son and came out to listen to it. He said it was quite lovely. (He usually doesn't say much!!)
    Yesterday was my Dave's birthday. We were at Pacific Beach for the weekend. The kids came down and had dinner with us. It was a fun time. Our oldest granddaughter stayed two of the three nights. Every time we went to fly kites, it BLEW like it meant business. There was also hail. When we all went down to feed the seagulls Kaitlyn was initiated by one of them. She wasn't too happy about that. :( I love you and rejoice with you in ALL Father has done. Your day sounded magical. I AM GLAD!! Marion

  5. You are an inspiration to so many.

  6. sweet! Happy Anniversary to you both!
    Emily J.

  7. Loved the video...too cute!!


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