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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hello! Goodbye!

Home! We're home! 

We made it through the crazy flights and short layovers. At one point I was handed a wheelchair and after helping Cale sit, we flew! I grabbed it and ran! Once we were to our home airport we were missing a bag and ended up waiting around for an hour and half! We were laughing because who would have thought that after making such tight connections that we'd get stuck in our hometown airport?! Cale was wearing his red angry birds hat and pretended to peck at time went by with entertainment at least ;) haha! We were surprised not only with walking in our new home, but also because my in-laws were standing in our living room! 

The first night since we arrived home so late we visited, Cale walked around and then we were asleep! Tiredness hit quickly in the Darling Home. Next morning we were up and awake before 5am! Yikes! Hello time change. 

Tuesday night we finally celebrated Christmas with family! Our home was full of bodies and tons of food. We opened gifts and shared stories...such a great time. No pictures though! Can you believe it?! Me not taking pictures? Fail.

Wednesday was the day to unpack and pack again! We just got home and we're off again for a week of fun! Cale was saying that this short time was a preview to being home. :)

Laundry, meetings, visiting, errands, eating, packing and surprises. 
Full week.

Here's Cale's big surprise...!

Here's some pictures of our home! I was trying to snap some quickly before a meeting I had today, so sorry for the lack of quality...

Big difference! 

Cale at home! 

While I was home for the week last month, Mama helped me with the shower curtain. It stopped where the black part at the bottom starts and with how high up the bar is, the curtain was way too short! Mama found this black material that has texture and movement, pulled out the sewing machine and within minutes we had a perfectly fitted shower curtain! I think I like it even more now! 

we are blessed. 

I always know to check Cale's pockets when doing laundry...I was still quite surprised when I found these in his pockets! When asked why he had them he said, "I found them!" Haha! 

I chopped my hair off. It's been over a year that I've been discussing the same cut with the lady that does my hair and finally I committed! I already want to change it a tad, but until the next appointment I'm good to go! :)

Do you remember me telling you about a gift that Cale had picked out for Mama for Christmas?'s awesome. And...she's going to kill me for posting this. Footy Pj's...

Cale has had a challenging week. Adjusting is hard and for some reason now that we're home he hates the checklist. We're going to press on and keep going. Will you be praying for us? Pray for Cale's anger which can stem from all the changes that are taking place, confusion, or a handful of other things. Also, pray that he would begin to accept the checklist here at home. Didn't I just write about how it was an answer to prayer?! Be praying for my heart. It's hard not to be discouraged when the same feeling inside now is what I was feeling before 7E. Although, thankfully this time I know we have tools in place and it's not quite as intense. It's been a busy hard week...

Cale has eaten homemade sweet potato fries and at dinner he prayed that God would bless our upcoming thankful for both of those things! 


  1. So nice to hear that ya'll are home and safe. Praying for you and your family everyday. Have a safe trip this next week and we are praying that Cale will accept his checklist at home also. Best wishes to you and yours.

  2. Well, I didn't see the Christmas tree. So, I guess mama had her way and you took it down after your family Christmas. :)
    There's alot, as you said, going on. I know when I am on overload I get grumpy. Father didn't bring you to 7E for no reason. You will see a difference soon enough. Especially once you settle down to daily living. I am TRUSTING Father for that. Besides, Cale now has his man cave to go to.
    I love the footie pajamas. I want to get some for me. Where did you find them?
    You are my priceless threasure and I am PROUD to have you in my life.
    I love you, Father loves you more, Marion

  3. Dear One, I forgot to mention I REALLY like your haircut. If you hadn't said anything about the shower curtain, I would have thought it was as it was meant to be. Dancing in the kitchen, I like that. Yup, I think I could handle that just fine. Your house looks just like you. I love you, Marion

  4. Wonderful pictures yet again. So enjoyed seeing them. I love your haircut!! That was a great video about the man cave!! And...what you found when doing laundry...that gave me a good laugh. I love the "we dance in this kitchen"!!! :o) Awwh...I will certainly be praying for these things you mentioned. Something I have thought about the past few blog posts of is amazing to me the similarities between people with traumatic brain injuries and people with Autism Spectrum Disorders! My daughter has Aspergers Syndrome (used to be classified as an Autism Spectrum Disorder). The similarities of not liking things changed, getting very easily overwhelmed, feeling more at peace with a dog or other animals, getting so angry, and tempers flaring! So often when you write about how Cale is doing...I think about how my daughter sometimes behaves even now at almost 16. When I saw that photo of Cale laying on the floor during a meeting with the dog because he was bored of the meeting I could so picture my daughter doing that. And boy o boy, does she have a temper!! Anyway, I am just amazed at the similarities. It helps me to relate to some of what you are going through. I can't imagine how hard it would be if it were my husband. As you already heart just goes out to you and I know God is sustaining you and will give you His everlasting JOY and the Peace that transcends all understanding! You are awesome. God is AMAZING. Happy Easter to you both...(and Mama too...cute jammies!!)
    Love in Christ,
    Emily J.

  5. For Emily, I have always felt you had a special wisdom in your messages to Kathleen. I am not surprised Father has given you a similar situation in your life. I love you and will TRUST Father for you and your sweet family, Marion

    1. You are just so precious, Marion! How blessed we are to have you in our lives!! You certainly have the gift of encouragement and I am so thankful for you. I am praying for you also.
      Love in Christ,

  6. Love your home and new haircut!!!!


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