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Monday, April 8, 2013

The plane left without us...

Well folks, I had last written that we were about to leave for a week...but the plane left and we stayed home. The first week home had been quite a challenge. The staff at 7E had talked with me about how it might be difficult, but as much as my mind knew...I just wasn't prepared. 

It's kind of a long story, but on Friday about 30 minutes before we were to leave for the airport, Cale had a really bad explosion. Thankfully he walked right to his man cave and stayed for a couple hours! While he was out there, I made the decision to stay. First of all there was no way I was getting him on the plane and I just knew it wasn't a good idea. 

I will be the first to admit that I didn't have the best attitude. I hated not being able to go. With tears I talked with Mama and called the hotel and airline. I also unpacked. 

I would love to tell you how grown up I responded and how mature I was but...reality is that I kicked and screamed the entire time I unpacked! I was so upset. Red faced and puffy eyed I refolded and stomped around. I let the Lord know exactly how I felt and how unfair I thought the whole thing was. 

It went just a bit deeper then the simple story of not walking through security and being guided to B10...

When Cale did come back in, we talked and went for a walk. He had calmed down and so had I. I was still pretty miserable until the next morning. My first thought was how we weren't in CO with all of our friends and then it hit me as I opened my I'm home. 

As much as I was  disappointed about not going, it ended up being such a relief and blessing! In fact, blessing after blessing came within the last week! 

Sometimes we just need a kick in the pants. 

Saturday we went to a birthday party for our niece. We've missed so many family events so it felt so good to be there and be a part of her special day. It was at an it was extra fun!

Hanging with my nephew :)

No picture with the birthday girl! Whoops!

The next day was Easter. 

I will write more about Easter tomorrow but wanted to share how amazing Cale did during service! And, it's been two Sundays now and both have been great! He has been so interactive and focused. Our pastor will ask questions and Cale will answer and not hold back. He's engaged and honestly enjoying it. After the hard week and then not being on the be in church on Easter...well...was kind of a quick reminder about how trips are not such big deals when you think about the cross. 


We spent the afternoon at home hanging out and then we spent the evening with family. Beautiful day.

On Monday I received a message from a close friend that she was thinking about coming into town and wondered if I was going to be available Wednesday and Thursday. Without hesitation I replied, YES!!! 

She is so special to me. I played with the idea of locking her in one of our rooms and not letting her out...but I knew the fun in that wouldn't last. Ha. 

The only picture we got together was one Cale quickly snapped...

Ashley, you are a true gift. We had such a short time together but every bit of time with you was soaked with blessings. Our conversations were needed and your visit is one I'll treasure. 

We've been doing a lot of living life. It's been a blast being in our own home again and making it into what we need a little more everyday. 

Part of the challenging week was indeed the checklist. I don't think it was the actual cause of all of Cale's explosions, but it's where he directed his anger. He constantly would say it was for the hospital and not for home. We also noticed that he was using the same phrases when he was angry as he did on 7E, "Here sucks!" "Send me to jail." "Home is better." "I want to go home." "I'm sad here."

After talking with a friend and gaining some outside wisdom, we decided we needed to change up the checklist. I knew I couldn't just throw it out the window (like I really wanted to!) but I did need to adjust it to Cale. We ended up creating a list for me and Mama as well...and what we've come up with and how we've altered a few things, seems to be a really good fit. 

I've been working on little projects here and there with Mama. I'm not consumed with it since I had come back for a week in February. It's just fun and relaxing. I had purchased a chandelier almost a year ago and have been waiting to get it up, and now I have! 

One of my favorite things has been listening to everyone describe our home as, "It's so Kathleen." Makes my heart happy.

On Thursday Cale spent almost the entire day in slippers! He was so happy about this! Haha! 

While on 7E Cale would tease the nurses after he would go to the bathroom. He wouldn't dry his hands and then he'd find one of them to shake his hand. With a smirk he would tell them he didn't wash his hands...and he peed on them...

His mom found this chefs hat which was perfect! 

Another silly hat for Cale! :)

My brothers birthday was last Tuesday (he's an old man!). He was a Marine for 15 years so we made him a little birthday video to make him smile...

This month the Darling Project is asking you to join us in blessing someone in your life (or you don't even know!) with flowers or a plant! Let them know they're special and you're thankful for them! If you haven't joined our Facebook page to stay updated I encourage you to do so! :)

I would have to say the best thing about being home is how just about everyone that has gotten to see us has talked about how much better Cale is doing. He's even shocking me with how he's interacting on FB! I'm sure if you're my friend or his that you've seen him commenting a lot more lately! He's also messaging people and texting a lot more! He really is becoming more and more of his own person again. I LOVE it. LOVE IT!!!! It is such a blessing to watch his character unfold. 

I hope in some way you'll be able to interact with him. It may be the coolest thing ever. 

At least I think so! 


  1. I don't know Cale, but I am super happy that he is continuing to heal. Such a blessing. Although I know how disappointing it must have been to not go on your trip, I am glad you were able to find joy at home. And the way Cale handled it by going to calm down in his man cave seems like an inredible improvement! I kind of think that is amazing.

    I will continue to pray for further peace and healing.


    1. Yes! It is amazing that he went to his man cave! He did that the whole first week...and that is exactly why we have it! :)

  2. Oh, my Dear Kathleen, I think I would have felt pretty bad myself, if I couldn't do a longed for, planned for trip. You didn't mention any trouble with the hotel or the airline. That is a huge thank offering. I deffinately would have gotten chocolate or ice cream...maybe both....yup, I think both would have been the menu. :) You were wise in having a list for you and your mom as well as Cale. This way he doesn't feel he's the only one. Besides, if he catches either of you not being able to check off your list...well, that would be kind of fun for him. :) Isn't it just like Father to give you such sweet gifts during your week home. I am so glad you could have time with Ashley. Cale was in church with you. He enjoyed it. He's interacting so much more. Not that I will, but I am almost sorry I don't do FB, just so I could interact with Cale. I am deffinately going to have to come visit. He and I can get some game time in. Maybe he will give me tour of his Man Cave.....only if that's allowed of course. :) :) :) I had a feeling that would be quite a good thing for him. I love you and am proud of you. I KNOW Father is to. Marion

    1. Marion, you DON'T need to cave for FB! Haha! I agree...we just need another visit! :) Love you!

  3. Romans 8:28
    And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
    Emily J.

    1. Yes!!! Agreed! :) Beautiful promise!


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