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Friday, March 1, 2013

Newest Project!!!!

Happy Friday...and Happy March 1st! We get to announce our NEXT project! This is our third one so far and Cale and I are so thankful for those of you that share in our excitement for each one. For the month of March we challenge you to "Feed the People." There are people in our daily lives that are hungry and go without. We ask that at least each week (but of course more is always better!) you find at least one person or one way to help feed the people around you! This could be a homeless person you see while driving around town or a family that you know is struggling. Ideas could be picking up a burger and fries at a near by fast food place ( Cale says, "McDonalds!"), purchasing a gift card to a restaurant or grocery store, making a meal to take to someone, donating food to a food pantry, helping to serve at a soup kitchen, or even inviting someone to your home. There are a TON of ideas and a TON of people that would be blessed with a simple meal...will you join us?! We still would love this month to continue to be as interactive as you would feel free to post ideas that you come up with, helpful tips, as well as any stories that really encourage or inspire you! We're excited!

Even though we're moving on to the next months project, Valentines for Veterans will still continue posting on their Facebook page the new veteran of the week. I encourage you to pop on over, like the page, and continue to mail out all the letters! 

The last two veterans that I didn't get posted are:

Good Morning everyone! I would like to introduce to you our newest Veteran to be Showcased, Gary Bernardino!

Gary, age 24, joined the Navy at the age of 19. He is a loving husband to his wife, Kali, and a wonderful son, brother and grandson.

Gary is now on the USS San Jacinto, after serving with RIVRON. Gary spent most of 2010 deployed to Iraq with his RIVRON unit.

While in Iraq, Gary earned a Warfare pin and an Army Achievement medal. He also earned the River Rat of the year award that year!

Gary's ship is currently docked in Florida, following a collision with a submarine. This happened 3 days before the ship was to return home to VA.

It has now been several months and I know the sailors are ready to return to their home base. He is missed greatly by his wife in VA, and his family back home in Iowa.

I am sure Gary would love to hear from us as he & his fellow sailors are delayed from seeing their families so lets send him our Love & Support!

Please MAIL your Valentines, Cards & Letters to:

ATTN: Gary Bernardino
PO Box 3926
Topeka, KS 66604


We have a very special Hero to Showcase this week, 93 year old JIM MORRONE, served during World War II & in the Battle of the Bulge. He is a Purple Heart Recipient and loved by all at the Promise House at the VA in Lyons, New Jersey. He was voted Mardi Gras King, along with his friend, Laura, the Recreation Therapist there, who was Mardi Gras Queen.

Please MAIL your Valentines, Cards & Letters to:

Jamie Jarboe Foundation (JJF)
Attn: (Name of Veteran)
PO BOX 3926
Topeka, KS 66604

*Another idea that was posted on our Facebook page was to pay for the people behind you in the drive through line! 


  1. Dear One, I have two families I have given money to for food. Your project helps me want to be a bit more creative in how I help. Thank you. I will write those two heroes, as well as the first two again. I like the way you have one from the present and one from longer ago. Bless you for giving me a chance to be a part of a bigger picture. I love you, Marion

  2. What a great idea to feed the people around you! Very practical! Thanks for launching these projects!


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