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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thank you Croods.

Family came for almost a week...and we loved every single minute. 

Our time was complete with food, boys day, girls day, fun nephews, baby holding, and a bouncy house. Way too much fun. 

Cale. The real chef.

My knee. My darn knee. In 4th grade I dislocated my knee cap and ever since it's been a nuisance. Darn knee. Went on my long run on Saturday and ended up crashing because of my darn knee. Mama and my prince had to come rescue me...all because of my darn knee

Please note the way my husband is relaxing. Also please note, he still has red on his toes. 

Last week I think I hit every emotion possible. I mean...maybe. I sure felt like it. Cale has had some explosions that well, wow. They hurt. I also found out my dad died. Wrecked. Those two things are only a fraction of what I was dealing with. I was "ok" all week and because of family here visiting, I was distracted. All the while my gut was twisted and my mind was in turmoil. I didn't know how I was feeling and the ability to try to process was so complicated and messy. 

As I sat on the couch working on my book (actually working on it...wowza!) I clicked over to good ol' Facebook for a sec to check something and a friend had posted they were praying for Boston. I quickly turned on the news to find what the rest of America found, a devastating video along with a lot of news commentary on the situation. Was I really watching this again...terror on what was seconds prior a happy fun day?

While our family was visiting, Cale and Ty had a guys day so Nikki and I took the boys to see The Croods. Cute movie by the way. One of my nephews voiced shortly after the movie started that it was historical fiction. Golly that boy is smart. 

Anyways, in the midst of my emotionally wrecking difficult week, in fact the very same day I heard about my dad, I was sitting during a children's movie and at one point the dad in the movie says, "No more hiding. No more dark. What's the point of all of this? To follow the light."

This wasn't meant to be a spiritual statement, hit me directly where I needed it. What is the point to this life and all the pain and disappointment we face? What is the point of life? 

To follow the Light.

Christ is the light of this world and we are to follow Him. We are to walk this earthly battle and keep our eyes and hearts focused on Him. We are to be light to those around us despite what we're feeling.

My heart was aching. Almost in a very real physical way and the reminder to follow the Light was not only the reminder I needed, but also a clear comfort that if we choose to follow the light, eventually there will be no more dark. 
We'll be in glory. 


  1. You are always a blessing.

  2. I have really been thinking about you the last few days and wondered how things were. I kept checking for posts but now I see that you were busy with family. I am so glad they were there with you and could distract you. I am so sorry about your dad. Even when we aren't that close to our dads there is always a special place in a daughter's heart for "Dad". I am sure you will go through many ranges of emotions just with that alone...not to mention the daily struggles you deal with. I thought of you right away when I heard of the Boston bombings just because I know you are a runner. It is odd but there just seems to be this strange connection amongst runners even when they don't know one another. I know the whole country grieves over this but I suspect it is hitting runners particularly hard. Anyway...I'm rambling but know that I am praying for you and think you are so special!! (thanks for sharing all the photos...they were fun. Also, I will be praying about your knee!)
    Emily J.

  3. Kathleen, I love you and Father LOVES you even MORE. I was doinf my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)homework. We are in Genesis, studying the life of Joseph right now. I thought of you when I read these following portions, "God trained His Son through suffering(Hebrews2:10), He trained Joseph through suffering(Genesis 37-41), and He still trains His children this way today." Then, "He(Joseph)flourished in hardship because he had faith to see God's faithfulness and goodness in his circumstances. God gladly gives grace to those who ask Him, moment by moment in whatever circumstance." (taken from page 5 of lesson 27, Genesis)
    I almost emailed them to you earlier in the week. Now I understand why Father had you on my mind. He is with you and holds you close to His heart now and always.
    Thank you for all the pictures. They are wonderful. Marion

  4. AMEN! No better reality that that one, Kathleen! So sorry for your hard times, but so happy that you can see The Light! So sorry I haven't posted in a LONG time, lots of changes going on here and I'm struggling to keep up... BUT you have been on my heart :o)
    Terri W


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