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Thursday, June 13, 2013

20 things...

For the last three weeks, I daily have said that I need to update the blog or that I'm going to actually do it. Not even for your benefit, but for me! I enjoy so much getting to write out our days and look back on them. This update is in no particular order, It's just me deciding I've once again gone on too long with out I'm sitting down alone and typing it out. Here it goes... 

1) I'm just a wee bit late in announcing our June Darling Project. Actually, I was late on the Facebook page as well so... This month we're asking you to join us in serving! To serve someone in our culture isn't always known as the best idea or first chosen thing to do, but, it is what we should be doing. There are lots of different ways to serve someone around you, so, we're going to leave the service up to you. Is it maybe washing dishes? Mowing a lawn? 
Join The Darling Project on Facebook to stay involved! 

2) Just a few weekends ago I was able to escape real life with Mama and take a trip to Spokane for Farm Chicks. It's an antique show and last year we had so much fun, so we had to go back! My favorite purchase was the sweetest little baby rocking chair. I loved going with her. 

 3) Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes life is just trial and error. Sometimes I need to listen to advice given. Sometimes I need to not buy a Yorkie. Please don't hate me! Uh...I did. On a Monday night I went to pick him up. This was after days of begging for him along with telling everyone it would be a bad idea. I still really wanted him. I did. For whatever reason, I went against what I knew was right and brought him home. Let's just say that on the following Thursday he was going to a new home. He wasn't here long enough to get attached...and now he has two other little doggies to play with. Cale made sure to let me know that he hated him, scratch hated him, and mama hated him. I was the only one that loved the little guy. 

4) WE HAVE A BIKE!!!!! We finally FINALLY have a bike! We went to Seattle to pick it up...and we love it! We've been able to ride it around our neighborhood together-which is the best. Together. Such a good word. This last Saturday we took it out though and had something go wrong. We're trying to figure that out so we can get riding again! 

Here's a video of us riding while still at the shop!

5) If Cale had a cow, he'd kill it with his bow and arrow, crawl to it and pour A1 over it and eat. 
The end. 

6) "My eyeball feels like it's captured and held hostage by a terrorist." -Caleb Darling
The poor guy. We're still having so much trouble with his eyes. They are so dry that he's in constant pain. We use extra thick gel drops multiple times through the day and nothing helps! We've been to get it checked out several times as well. His brain injury and the radiation he had done combined has them dried out completely! After a call today...I'm hoping we're close to getting the help needed! 

7) On our trip to get the bikes in Seattle, Cale was in the backseat and Mama was in the passenger seat. It had been quiet for a couple minutes until Cale broke the silence with, "Yawn. Long yawn. Long yawn silver!" He has now added, long sniff silver, long cough silver, and long pee silver. Ha!

8) On Mother's Day... 
Don't worry, this isn't an announcement! Just a sweet card from a man that knows the desires of my heart and shares them. This card is filled with the most beautiful and tender words he could ever say. I love you Caleb Darling! Your love is pure and honest.

9) The love of archery continues. Since my last post about archery, we were able to get bows and Cale is able to go shooting as often as we want to pay for it in one week ;) My head can't grasp how in the world he is able to enjoy it. There is no way to set it up for him to have success. There is no way for us to make him having a brain injury not matter, yet, he loves it. He's successful. And, him having a brain injury doesn't matter! I wouldn't have guessed that archery would be something that would turn into a passion for him...but it has. So cool. I walked in on him watching archery videos on Youtube last week...crazy. 

10) "Comparison is the thief of joy." -Theodore Roosevelt
Wow. I read this...and read it again...and again. Every time I begin to start comparing...I'm robbed of true joy. I cheat myself. 

11) I have so loved the emails I've received from some of you just letting me know that even though I'm not posting, you're praying. Thank you.

12) When we first came home, it was hard. I will be the first to say, tears were often around here. Then, we started to move out of Cale adjusting so it started to get better, but then I was suddenly overwhelmed. Nothing I was doing was helping. I sat down with Mama and we both made a list. A giant list...and I have felt SO much better the last few weeks! Does anyone else just need a list?! 

13) There has been a Man Cave update. Cale requested a door and walls shortly after returning home. I wasn't sure if it was possible or how much work it would be. I also thought he was perfectly fine with the Man Cave space he had. Well, one Sunday at church he talked with Frank (he's incredible!) and the project was in motion. Cale now has a door and walls. 

(sorry for the shirtless husband!)

14) Garden! I'm a wanna-be gardener. If only we could grow some veggies...I'll post a picture soon. I was kind of hoping something would be growing when I did. ;)

15) Mama's birthday was last month! She's awesome. Cale made sure to let her know just how awesome she is by making her a napkin hat, tickling her, following her around, and vacuuming her. Uh...Cale's awesome too. Haha! 

(Sorry AGAIN for the shirtless husband.)

16) For Mother's Day we wanted to really bless our moms. I had been doing a ton of thinking about how thankful I really am for both of them...Cale was also very willing to bless his mom by going to get a pedicure with her! He specifically said he wanted time with just her! I didn't get a picture with him and his mom or one with me and Mama, but we do have proof his feet got all done up! :)

17) The summer after first getting home we had go-karts in the area, but last summer they didn't come back. Well, for summer 2013 they're back! Cale absolutely loves going. 

18) We found an old video from Cale's first deployment. Part of me was dying to watch it and the other part was hesitant and unsure. Would it be a good idea? Could I handle it? The first part of the video is actually from right before he deployed. Our friend Jorel had come to visit and had taken random video that maybe at the time I would have thought it was wasted video or boring, but now, now it is one of the most precious gifts. It's normal mundane moments that were not set up for the camera. It's just me and Cale. It's as if we just unpacked gold. The second part was during the deployment and again, such a gift. It was odd watching this man in the video, my man. He was a long ago friend, a stranger, a person that is the closest to me all rolled into one. Many emotions took place and it was hard, but comforting at the same time because something ran deep in me missing the guy in the video, but at the same time, the man that I was snuggled up with- my head on his heart was full with him. 

19) I have new spectacles. 

20) We are home. Home has been so good. There have been so many travels the last couple years and this year we're being very protective of our schedules. There have already been trips that would have been amazing, but we had to turn them down. There are a couple trips planned and the rest of the time we're here, enjoying home.

We're so...


  1. My Sweet Girl, I AM THANKFUL for the update. I love you. Father has His hand on you in a special way. I am excited about the bike, the bow.....the life shared. You are a blessing. I love you, Marion

  2. I need to blog every single day...or that's what my brain tells me! My time and energy tell me otherwise!
    To much on the plate running two houses, bens schedule, my schedule and just everyday duties! I feel ya, miss it but hard to do it!
    You rock! :)

  3. Kathleen, time is limited for all of us, so the time you spend updating us on how it is going is a gift, and I love to check in and find you in the midst of life, swimming; admittedly sometimes upstream like the rest of us, and other time just floating on a Jesus inner tube. You are an inspiration, and a declaration of God's goodness, his mercy and his love. Prayed for you and Caleb this morning, and Amy and Adam - haven't forgotten them either. Love the Yorkie sorry he didn't work out , but there will be time for Yorkies someday- I am still waiting (it's on my list for 50 :) ! Dont' have lot's of time to post this morning but I wanted to say that the mundane is mandatory and that seeing it as a gift is glorious, love you !!!! Hugs (((((((((( )))))))))))) Reenie

  4. Awwhh...I just agree with all the comments here. I so enjoyed reading this update about everyday life! I, too, sometimes have to make lists! Sometimes they help soooo much. I could so relate to the Yorkie thing. We do have a little dog but we tried two others at two different times and neither of them worked out. It was hard to let them go but the best thing. God knew what was best for us and had our little Mimi, a dachshund, in the works for us. Too funny about Cale wanting walls and a door to his "Man Cave". I think most men would feel the same way!! ;o) Loved the new bike for you both!! What fun that will be!! Hopefully they can get it fixed soon for you. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MAMA!! I have thought of you all often and prayed. I continue to do so. You both are a true blessing.
    Psalm 16:8-9
    8 I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.
    9 Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope.


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