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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prayers Please.

This is my man. I snuck this picture of him praying. It's him having a personal conversation with the Lord about his daughter coming and how scared he is...

...will you join him in praying?


Cale has been saying he is very "freaked out" with the whole situation. As time has kept going of waiting for baby Nora to come, its caused him to be more anxious. This morning has been a little more so. 

He's also been very confused. I went to get checked by the midwife today and Cale later made it known that he thought we were dropping him off at Joe's house and then going to the hospital to have the baby. Once home again...there was no baby.  This was all very out of sorts in his mind.

God's perfect timing! We of course are so very ready to meet this baby girl but we want it to be in God's timing not our own (not that we have much of a choice!). 

Peace to fill our hearts. It's always an emotional time waiting for a baby to arrive (not like I actually really know this, I just assume!) and we want to claim peace! 

Wisdom for our Midwife. As many of you know, we have chosen to have a home birth. We're very confident in this decision. Our midwife is amazing and we're so thankful that she loves the Lord and is praying for wisdom as well! 

Safety. This seems to be on Cale's mind a lot. His biggest fears and stress comes from me being in pain when I'm delivering. We talked this morning and he said, "If God made the accident happen and it's bad, he can make something else bad happen." We talked awhile on this but it's a real fear for him. 

Thank you for praying. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for your sweet words. 


  1. OH!! How Precious. Cale you are the Daddy Father picked for Nora. I don't know any daddy who was not scared when their baby was born. Pain is a part of birthing ever since the fall. Cale, your Kathleen is in good shape. Her muscles are strong. Too, I want to tell you, I got to see my first granddaughter born. Father gave her mama such peace and control, the doctor didn't even know when she was having a contraction. I just KNOW you have Father in your heart and He will give you what you need for your sweet Nora's birth. I am excited for when you introduce her to me. I love you, Father LOVES you MORE. I am trusting Him for a blessed delivery. Remember, you are the one Father chose to be there. He NEVER puts us where He won't keep us.

    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your sweet family,

  2. What a soft heart the both of you have for the Lord and your family! Will definitely keep you all in prayer as this new journey begins. Know Jesus is always there and will get you through it, even if at times it is a bit overwhelming! Casting our burdens on Jesus is exactly what He asks of us! Please remind Caleb that you are all in the thoughts and prayers of so many! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  3. Praying for both of you, especially for wisdom and grace - Echoing Marion's sentiments about Cale being a daddy !!!! Love you both !!!
    Blessings for you !!! Reenie

  4. Praying for you both, & such a Joyous celebration of you daughter Nora coming soon,The most amazing blessing from God, You'll be great Parents! Michele L. Siemasko

  5. I will pray...
    Emily J.

  6. Praying for all 3 of you!!! So precious of Cale to be so concerned for his lovely Bride and your new baby blessing,from the lord!!! God is good all the time!!! He is with us always no matter what is happening in our lives. God is faithful,You can count on him to get you through anything in life. Two are better than One,and THREE is even more so!!!:O) Many prayers and blessings to you all :O) Nancy

  7. Dearest Cale and Kathleen,
    I was just recently connected to your blog. Thank you for sharing your story; it has really blessed my husband and me. Like you, we married young, and we're an army family. So you'd already have a special place in our hearts, but reading about your love and devotion to the Lord and one another ...well, I've had all 3 of you on my heart a lot. Our family is sending our love and prayers to yours. Hoping this first days as a family of 3 are all you ever dreamed.

  8. Oh my! First of all congratulations. Nora is beautiful and your family is so very blessed! I was very good about keeping up with your blog until about 9 months ago. I also recently had a little girl (late December) and am just now coming out of the new baby fog even though it's my second. Ha. Anyway, I had a fleeting thought about how busy your sweet self will be with a baby and the additional work of caring for the needs of your awesome husband, but then it hit me….you are better prepared for motherhood than any of the rest of us!!! What I've learned with two is that it really gets fun when you learn to die to your own desires and care for these sweet little people who need you…the wonderful people in your life who our awesome God blesses us with…whether it be a little baby or your husband. You're so far ahead of the rest of in terms of keeping your eyes on the prize and dying to your own desires to serve those around you. The rewards are tremendous and although you'll probably have some tired times when everyone's needs seem too great, you're not alone! As you well know, when you are weak He is strong. I just want you to know that I'm so happy that you and Cale get to enjoy the joys of being a mom and a dad. You'll both be amazing and this little girl will be one of the luckiest in the world because she'll see what real love means through her parents. Congrats girl!

    P.S. Read Babywise! Both my babies slept through the night by 9 and 10 weeks, respectively. You'll be such a happier momma and caretaker when you have a good nights sleep!

  9. Hi it's Vicky. We met at Walter Reed while Chad was there. I have thought about you both so often and so happy about you little Angel. Please contact me at have so much to yell you and want to catch up on your progress.

  10. Hi it's Vicky. We met at Walter Reed while Chad was there. I have thought about you both so often and so happy about you little Angel. Please contact me at have so much to yell you and want to catch up on your progress.


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