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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Comic Relief.

Here's some of our silly moments for ya!

In our BFG (Bible Fellowship Group) class on Sunday morning,  details about the upcoming men's breakfast were being announced. Cale points straight at one of the leaders and says, "I want to eat him." Haha...uh...awkward laughter...Cale adds, "What? It's a men's breakfast. Eat men." They don't quite know Cale yet, but they will soon.

My daughter devoured a cake pop the other day. It was serious business. The first moment that I should have realized what was to come was when we pulled it out of the bag she yelled out "yay!! cake pop!!" does she know what a cake pop is? That must say something about the treats I indulge in...then when I handed it to her, she didn't just eat it. She didn't just enjoy it. I'm not actually sure how much she tasted. She devoured it. As soon as the job was done she yelled out "more cake pops!!!!" She is my kid. We are serious about our treats. 

Doesn't everyone play the piano with a pair of wings?

Last night I was trying to quickly put dinner together. I was cutting some cheese chunks for Cale and Nora saw the cheese and began pleading for a bite. I cut her off some little chunks and once we were all seated for dinner, we prayed and I set her plate on her tray. She was so excited for cheese! A chunk went in her mouth and after just a few seconds came right back out. She loves cheese. I didn't understand. Well, it turns out I was cutting chunks of parmesan rather than our white cheddar...whoops. That was a surprise taste!

We had one day of ice this week. You would never know it since its now in the 50's, sunny and beautiful now. We spent the day inside playing with play-doh. Nora loves snowmen so we were having fun making one together when Grammy pointed out our snowman had a 

With it being so beautiful outside we spent quite a bit of time walking in our little cul-de-sac last night. Nora said it was cold outside and Susie Bear needed a blanket!

All of a sudden Nora is talking SO much! She's been talking a ton for awhile now but suddenly all of her words are coming together like, "I so tired. I yawning." or "Oooh! Look Mommy! I can get it. I can hold it." It has been so so so fun to hear all of these words all come out together and so clear! She's got a lot to say! One of our favorites lately is "Daddy funny." 

There was a brief moment where Nora was running around without a diaper this am. Cale was trying to be helpful so he asks me where to find a diaper and then he gets Nora laying down on the floor. I was in the kitchen and after several seconds Cale says, "Yeah, I don't know how to do this at all." and seconds after that, Nora was running into the kitchen...diaperless ;)

Nora LOVES her milk. Loves it. In fact, she wakes in the am and can be very grumpy until she drinks her milk-and then she's a totally different child. We often joke that her milk is like mommy and coffee. It's hilarious. 

While singing Old McDonald Had a Farm with Nora, Cale and I added tiny dog. Please if you see her, ask Nora what noise a tiny dog makes. haha. 


Life has shifted for about 5 weeks for us. Mama has gone back to WA and although its a good and needed thing, we already miss her and she just left yesterday. It's also one of the reasons I've had a heavier heart with other changes that have been taking place. Well, I had started a bible study a few weeks ago at church and now because Mama has left, I'm not able to go. A couple hours ago, 4 women came into my home, sat around my table and while we all ate lunch, we did the study together. Two of them had already gone through the week with the group yesterday and still came and went through it again. 


I can't even begin to describe what this did for my heart. 


  1. Father has His hand on you guys in a special way. Once the guys get to know Cale, they are going to LOVE him. In fact, I am believing Father for a special friend for him to pal around with. One that needs Cale as much as Cale needs him. AMEN and AMEN !! I missed seeing the straw with Nora's inhaling of the cake pop...oh, did she get her second one? When little ones start making sense in their conversations, it is one of Father's joys to us. We just need to remember that later when they won't stop talking. '~' I am SOOO blessed you have someone to do Bible Study with. Studying more about my Jesus is one of my greatest JOYS. The ones doing it twice are getting a double blessing...I mean going through it a second time, yes, BUT helping you go through it as well.

    I will be trusting for the transition of mama back in Washington. Father knows the plans He has for you. Plans for your good, of course.

    I love getting to be a part of your life again. You are a treasure,


    1. I've been praying for that too! That exact prayer...that he would find a friend that he needs and who needs him just as much. Yes. Yes. Yes.

      And yes, the bible study was so so so great.

  2. I love your anecdotes in the midst of your daily trials and walk. A happy heart is usually one with love, laughter and the Lord -- I know that you have all three of these!

    1. There is SO much to be laughing about in this home! Haha! :)

  3. I'm so happy you're blogging again. I love the humor in your posts.

    Is your momma gone back for GOOD??

    1. Ha! You would think so by the way I handled her leaving! She's coming back end of the month! :)


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