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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Not just a laundry basket...

This may look like just a laundry basket-but to me, it's now a reminder.

It was piled high with clothes. After getting Nora down for her nap, I knew I needed to tackle our mound of dirty laundry. When I talked about getting the laundry started and that I needed to take the basket downstairs, Cale wanted to help. Sometimes stairs are hard-especially if he's holding something. As much as I wanted to step in and let him know I could do it or say something to distract him away from the idea of helping, I let him.

He was able to get it to the edge of the stairs no problem but then he struggled with finding a way to get him down and the basket and which was going first. During this process, I watched him move the basket one way and then back. I watched his muscles flex as he wrestled with the weight of the basket as well as griping the handrails to keep him upright. I had to grab him three different times to keep him from falling, one of those times I almost was unable to help. Clothes fell out and he was breathing hard. 

When we reached the bottom Cale yelled out, "Yay! Made it! See?" 

At any moment during the whole process, Cale could have said that it was just too hard and he was done. He could have gotten frustrated and mad and marched himself back up. He could have just dropped the basket and quit.

He didn't

It was such a simple task for most of us but for him it was hard. It was a struggle. 

My heart was soaring with thankfulness at watching my husband care for his family. It may seem like such a simplistic way but for us-that was huge. Huge that he was willing! Huge that he kept working at it and finished a task! Huge that he didn't get angry! 

He also didn't say that I needed to sell all my clothes ;)

It's not just a laundry basket. 

It's a reminder of how good God is. It's a reminder that my husband desires to care for his family in which ever way he can-even when it's hard. 


  1. Dear Heart, Father is doing wondrous things. I, too, REJOICE with how Cale took care of his family. It blesses me when my husband helps me with the laundry. It is such a gift. I love you and am honored to be a part of your journey. AND NO, it's not just a laundry basket, it is an alter, a monument to Father's grace and mercy. I love it, Love It, LOVE IT !!!


    Oh, and my husband hasn't told me to get rid of my clothes either. :) :)

    1. Ha! Hopefully they continue to let us keep our clothes! ;)

  2. I absolutely love this blog post because it gives us such an inside look at what life really looks like for you but more than that all that God is doing! Cale has come such a long way and I am so proud of him for wanting to help his family! That is wonderful and I am so glad you had the wisdom to allow him to take this on...he needed that to feel useful! So proud of both of you! Praise God!
    Lots of love,
    Emily J

    1. I am so proud of him as well. So so so proud. :)

  3. Such a perfect reminder that we ALL need to be thankful for even the little things. Small tasks, large accomplishments, for ALL that God gets us through, walking with us every step!

  4. That is so amazing. This is real progress. Praise God for the little things and the big. Love you all so much. Jean Benson


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