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Thursday, February 11, 2016

cuteness, sweetness and Cale.

Just a little this and that-

we celebrated daddy last night. There was tacos, apple pie, Bingo and friends. Great night :)

My husband takes selfies while getting his teeth worked on...everyone who has worked with him at that office says he's quite entertaining. Yep.

Nora said "wipe nose" and then ran out of the room. That was quite the nose wiping job...

I think she just may be the cutest shopping partner... 

...also the cutest passenger. :)

Last year Cale took Nora to a Father-Daughter Dance. It was so sweet and they both had so much fun. He also had a lot of help with some older girls from church...and I waited in the car in the parking lot in case he needed me. This year, they didn't go to a dance, but they did get to go on a Daddy-Daughter date night put on by Chick-Fil-A. This was sooooooo sweet. After looking into it we found out a couple guys from church were also going so Cale would have support. It was an interesting night for him with being daddy and not having a group of older girls swooning over Nora! On our way home, he did say, even though it was hard, he was happy he went on a date with her. 

Also, doesn't that second picture say so much? Haha. 

Bath pictures in B&W...favorites.


  1. I'm SOOOOO glad to see you post!! Miss these things, and you guys! I know we didn't have much time at all together but your family is always in my thoughts and prayers. Wish I would've known the move was gonna be so fast...

    1. I know! It ended up being a lot quicker than I had thought it would be! We'll always be back for visits!! :) And I hope we can squeeze in a lunch date? or coffee?

  2. Love the photos!!
    Emily J

  3. WOAH!! Girl, That was Nora, she was so little when I saw her. I guess I didn't realize it was THAT long ago. What a joy she is. I am blessed Father gave her to you and Cale. I am in awe of what Father has done in Cale's life. What a testimony to Father's grace, mercy, and healing hand.

    I love you and am delighted to get to read a bit again. Who knows, once my husband retires, we might even drop down for a visit.

    Blessings and a big hug,

    1. I know!! She is growing! SO fun :) and we would loooooooove for you to come!!

  4. Sweet pictures. Are you in NC???


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