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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Covered in Grace.

I feel as though my brain has been all over the place this last week. Super scattered with lots of thoughts, which makes the idea of sitting and typing something out-very daunting. 

Where do I start?
What do I actually say?

Computer is up and running and I'm typing...and I still have no idea. 
haha. patient with me as this may just be a few babbles!

There has been a lot of time with the three of us together. A lot. Sometimes this has been great and at times, it feels as though we just need a break...which can be very normal but breaks are just a little more difficult for us to take :)

Thankfully we have had some really great days! This last weekend was full of visiting with friends, walks, sunshine and enjoying being a family!

We also took a trip to see my brother and his family which we always loooooove! 

The sun has continued so we've been soaking in as much as possible! As of today temperatures are already dropping a little...although we still made sure to get outside for a bit! 

I love how hard she was laughing in this picture! 

please enjoy her face. 

Do you see Cale's hands there? He's scared she's going to fall. He is such a protector.

Nora adores Cici! 

We went for a walk to a park yesterday with our neighbors. These two girls are SO sweet!! I'm excited for summer and these two walking and all the fun adventures we'll have! :)

We had some extra apples slices from breakfast that we were too full to finish. We decided to share!


Life is full. While we've been having great days together and enjoying being here and there, brain injury is intertwined with everything that we do. It's always there-I'm always reminded. 

I'm always at battle. 

Daily (sometimes minute by minute!) I have to choose if I'm going to let my emotions overtake me. I have to choose if the little things are going to become big. I have to choose if I'm going to love him; my husband. I have to choose if I'm going to be joyful and allow the Holy Spirit to lead me.

Yesterday morning the three of us went on a short walk on a trail and on the way back stopped at a little park. Cale was instantly bored while Nora was playing and running from thing to thing. He sat at a table that had an umbrella for shade and played games on his phone while I played in the sand with Nora. 

I could feel myself getting frustrated. 

I just wanted him to interact with us. I wanted him to show Nora how to fill the truck with sand and dump it. I wanted him to play with us rather than check out. 

After a short time passed, Cale let me know he was bored and was going to walk home. Well, he can't just walk home alone and he can't be at home alone so it meant that we were all going to have to leave. Nora wasn't too happy and neither was I. 

I wanted to continue enjoying our little family time but my mood was already changing.

I knew I needed to be thankful. I knew it. 

I was wrestling. 

Finally about half way home I broke the silence, "Thank you for taking a walk with us." Cale quickly replied, "I did good. I went yeah? I didn't stay home." 

It came so fast and strong. 


Why had I not just simply been thankful that he was willing to step outside with us? We went on a walk and it was good. It's ok that it was short. It's ok that we didn't play a long time. 

Sometimes it's hard to confess and admit when we've messed up. I too often have to swallow hard and let my husband know I'm sorry. That I messed up again. That I allowed my flesh to rule again. Thankfully, Cale continues to love me.

Thankfully I'm covered in grace.

And so are you.

Our days seem to go a lot smoother when I choose to reflect Jesus. 

Surprise, surprise. ;)

I so very much enjoy the sweetness this girl brings to us. She's refreshing, ya know? Such a gift littles can be...even when they're busy bees who make you sleepy! 


  1. Dear Heart, I am amazed at how "Alike" our days/weeks have been. Yes, our situations are different, BUT, our lessons are the same. I need to be thankful for what I have. Even if it's not what I might expect or hope for. All things come through the hands of a loving Father. He never wastes a moment. Father is using our men to shape us into the image of His precious Son, THAT'S always something to be thankful for.

    I love the pictures. The one with Cale's hands is precious. You will have delightful times with the two little people at the park. You know, for right now Father is giving you the gift of just Himself rather than having others there to help. Sometimes it's hard to grasp something/Someone we can't see. In time He will bring you someone who will be used to give you breaks as needed. He loves you so much and is delighted in how you are doing. Satan has to go to Him to trouble us. Well, remember how His buttons busted when He said look at Job? His buttons are busting when He looks at you. You delight His heart. Cale too, for that matter. Little Nora, like you said, is a gift. What a delight you get to see your brother. How wonderful the cousins get to see and be with other.

    I love you and am honored to be a part of your journey.

  2. Kathleen, it has been some time since I last followed your blog. I felt compelled to find it again after meeting you in Chick Fil A today. Thank you for allowing me to interrupt your meal to introduce myself. Cale has made amazing progress, Nora is an amazing gift, and you have blessed me and so many others by sharing your journey and faith. Praying for God's continued blessings in your lives. Welcome back to NC. Terri

  3. You know, Dear Heart, I was just looking at the pictures again. The one with Nora on the swing laughing so hard has a rainbow in it...a picture of Father's promise. I love it. You probably noticed it, I was in awe how Father does little things like that to remind us He's got us in His hands.

    I love you,


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