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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Just us 3...


We're just here, hanging out.

I was telling a friend last week that with Mama being gone and knowing that our days and what they look like right now aren't normal, we're kind of living in this vacation world. 

Not that this couldn't be our normal life and not that our life resembles a vacation anyone would want to be on...but in different ways, my mind knows this isn't reality...does that make sense?

And, we may be enjoying going out for ice cream, to the bakery, to the coffee shops and out to dinner a little more than we would normally ;) 

It's fun. 

And, probably one of my favorite parts has been that I've been noticing moments with Nora and Cale and for some reason over the last few weeks, they hit me differently. A little more heart throbbing ya know?

Not in a highchair this time! 

Tea Party with Daddy...and Mommy...and whoever else will come have one with her :)

They were both very into the game. She would repeat things Daddy was saying and every now and then say "uh oh! ice skating!" haha.

The magical taste of summer-berries.

The three of us sat in the driveway and devoured a whole bowl of them while soaking up the warmth of the sun. Perfect. 

"Eat it Daddy!!"

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We baked cookies together and it was the first time she lasted through the whole process! She even helped clean up...which meant water everywhere! :) 

A couple months ago Mama and I tried to trim her bangs. It was a really bad fail. They were able to get fixed by our friends DIL but they were super super short for a bit. This time we took her to get it done like a big girl! 

"Wings for Daddy!"

"Mommy! Mommy! Pretty flowers!!"

Before we moved, our friends built Nora this sandbox. It was the sweetest gift. A few dads were getting together to build them for their kiddos and knew that Cale wouldn't be able to. This meant the world to me! Well...about the time it was finished, we had decided to move. Yesterday Cale went with his RS, bought sand and filled it up! She loooooves it.  

Splish Splash! Fun in the water :)

Today was free cone at DQ...and it was wonderful! This little lady was didn't quite know how to handle the excitement! 


I hope you enjoyed the photo dump! 


  1. Thank you for sharing Father's sweet gifts to you with us. I love you and am delighted you are doing the unexpected and having fun. Sometimes just doing a bit outside the "normal" is vacation enough. It's not so tiring as the pick up and go kind, Where you have to rest a day or two afterward. I love you and am honored to be a part of your journey.


  2. Dump away! Love the photos of all three of you. I'm so glad that God has given you this time to grow together, just the three of you. Yes, there's challenges but sometimes it's needed to have to talk and reflect, lean on Jesus instead of another someone else. I think it forces us to grow in ways we wouldn't otherwise.
    It sounds like you're all well and enjoying the weather and your time together. I pray that God continues to use you, grow you in ways you did not expect! Well wishes from our house to yours :o)

  3. Me again, haha! I forgot to ask if you got the card? I hope you did and it helped and made you smile...


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