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Friday, September 30, 2016

Kayaks, puddles and a blue horse.

Summer is coming to an end. I think. Haha. 

We've moved out of the 90's here and the sky has been more gloomy...but yesterday Mama and I were working out in the garage and by the end of our little project we were dripping with sweat! Literally. I even lifted my shirt over my belly to get some air. Quite the site! 

In August, I was able to get away for one night with a friend a few hours away. This was sooooooooo needed! My brother and fam came to help Mama with Cale and Nora. I enjoyed every second with Hannah. It was the perfect trip other than not being long enough ;) 

And then just a couple weeks after, Mike and Rachel came to NC! It was the BEST. The week with them also didn't feel long enough. When Nora and I dropped them off at the airport, there were a lot-LOT of tears and a lot of wishing there weren't so many miles in-between us. 

This relationship these two had was...entertaining. 

You know there are tired kids when this is the face you get followed with, "he's touching my elbow!" 

Two of the cutest little doctors! 

This was the first time that Cale and I went out on the water kayaking without being at a sports clinic or having a therapist with us! The beginning was hilarious. We were supposed to take off in the same direction as Mike and Rachel but it was clear quickly that wasn't happening. We were headed the opposite direction in fact. Let's just say there was some marriage building taking place as we had to communicate and get ourselves in the right direction without tipping over. There were a few times I was whacked in the head while Cale tried to figure out the paddle...and I laughed so hard my sides ached. We started to get it figured out towards the end though! 

Mama watched the kiddos so we could have a date night! 

Nora went to a tea party with some friends! It was SO sweet. Leading up to go I was really trying to decide if it was going to be fun or one of those things that would be way more stressful and draining. I feel like this age you just never know. Well, I'm so thankful we went and gave it a try because we both enjoyed it and she did wonderful! 

Cale sent this to me one day...ha. 

With it cooling off just a tad, we've been taking more walks as a family! :)

We ended up with a hole in our wall. This isn't the first one from Cale but in the past it's been because of anger. This time it was because Cale was trying to be helpful since he knows I'm large with child. He was carrying down the laundry basket and crash. Thankfully the hole was the greatest damage. His elbow was scraped up but no other injuries. I'm thankful for his heart and desire to take care of us.

We took advantage of one of the rainy afternoons and went puddle jumping! Nora looooooves puddles and could probably jump in them all day long and be perfectly happy!

We've made it priority to get a date night in every week. We usually try for that in some way it just doesn't always happen. Because we know baby E is soon to arrive, we need to get these special times in! Some nights it's after Nora is in bed and we can eat snacks, laugh and play games...Cale last night said, "I love that we love each other." 
I love it too...

Sled hockey has been going well! This last week it ended up being a rough start. It was taking awhile to get on the ice. It's not like basketball where kids show up and you hand them a ball and tell them to start shooting. With sled hockey, every person needs to be fitted to the sled and helped on the ice. Some of the guys have their own sled and we'll save up for one but for now we'll use the ones available. This means Cale may end up with a sled that has too big of a bucket for him to sit in or the blades are different. It also means lots of waiting which can be difficult for him. 

I knew he was starting to get upset and I tried to help but of course had no clue what I was doing. The main guy helping everyone had his attention demanded in many directions-we were stuck. Cale finally blew up and yelled that we were leaving and took off. I quickly grabbed his hockey back and gathered my belongings. He was walking fast and he was mad. 

I felt frustrated and emotional. Thank you hormones. 

I followed after him and eventually was able to guide him to the car. We sat inside and I couldn't stop my tears. Cale looked confused and then asked why I was crying. Probably because it was a lot more of an ugly cry than fit the situation! haha. uh...

I talked with him a little about how much he loves this and how yelling he's never coming back can't be how he actually felt. 

After a little while he asked, "what do you want to do? go back inside?"

I didn't want to. 

I knew my eyes were puffy red and my face was splotchy. I was embarrassed and did not want to go back in there knowing everyone would be watching. 

Well, Cale was a bigger person than I was. He opened the door and headed back in. He doesn't always know or always remember when he's gotten mad or how it played out but he knew this time that he had made a scene. He knew he had messed up.

He still went back in. 

He apologized to the guys helping and ended up having a great practice. One of his best. 

I made sure on the way home to let him know how proud I was of him. I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't have walked back in there. He amazes me sometimes at how he can walk back into a room the way he does when he knows that people may think differently of him and he keeps going.

Nora's friend Bella was over playing this week and I couldn't pass the opportunity to get this photo up! I just haaaaaaad to get it. He is such a good daddy! 

He also painted this horse for Easton! If you scroll back up to the picture of Nora and Owen riding the horses together, this is the one Owen was on. Our neighbors had given it to us for Nora but she already had one and we knew this would be perfect for E! Cale worked on this with his RS for a few days and I think it's perfect! 


Well...that is about all for now! I'm 36 weeks today so we are close to meeting our little dude. I've been picturing through the day, during different moments how it's going to be with a baby added...I'm pretty sure no matter how many times I play a scenario out in my head, I'm not going to be able to prepare myself for the change ahead! Yikes! 

We're so excited and can't wait to introduce you to him!!! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Dear Heart, You don't know how I needed you just now. I was feeling....a little blue. Why? Only Father really knows, I sure don't. Then Here you are!! Thank you.

    I seem to remember Hannah. Didn't you talk about her before? I notice you had the chocolate cake. YUM!! I am sooo delighted you could spend time with time with Rachael. I remember how excited you tow were she was pregnant and that you were going to get to raise your kids together. Well, the together is just long distance. How fun to see a picture of her little guy.

    I am so proud of Cale's going back inside after his episode. It takes real strength of character to do that. Not many men would be able to go back inside.

    My Dave's and my date nights, when they came was usually a movie after the kids were in bed. Somehow with the cuddling, the movie wasn't always finished. ;)

    Nora loving to jump in puddles reminds me of when we first moved into our house of 30+ years. It had given us a good old fashioned Washington RAIN. Actually, while it was still raining, the kids and I went outside fan up and down the driveway, splashed the puddles and even sat down in them. We made so much noise a neighbor peaked out her window to see what was going on. '~'

    Cale IS a good daddy. Father knew that when He picked him to be Nora and Easton's daddy. It'll be so fun to hear how he does with baby 'E'. Oh, be sure to tell him either the 4th or the 9th would be acceptable for his entrance date. :)

    I love you and am honored to be a part of your journey.

    I almost forgot. PLEASE tell Cale my daughter and I are now trying to drink a gallon of water a day like he is. We even got a gallon jug to do it with!!!!!


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