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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Thirty things Cale...

1. He's so so so funny & LOVES making others laugh.
2. He loves deeply.
3. He HATES being bored.
4. He loves the Detroit Red Wings.
5. He now also loves the Carolina Hurricanes.
6. He could eat out every meal and be perfectly happy.
7. He's SO excited about having a boy join our family.
8. He enjoys playing board games.
9. He tells his wife multiple times a day that she's beautiful. He never misses a day.
10. Candy, it's a food group.
11. He's the most honest person you'll ever meet.
12. He works hard when he has set his mind to something.
13. He's always willing to try the adventures his wife comes up with.
14. He's stubborn.
15. He makes the perfect horse for his sweet Nora to ride. 
16. He loves vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce.
17. He talks with random people in the check-out lane.
18. He loves puzzles (and puzzle games)...and he's pretty good at them.
19. He loved feeling Nora move while she was in my belly and he loves feeling Easton move.
20. He loves home.
21. He loves random funny shirts.
22. He loves sneaking up on people.
23. He loves playing sled hockey.
24. Friendship is important to him
25. He loves cereal or oatmeal for breakfast (or donuts of course!!)
26. He's good at making messes.
27. He says sleep is boring and a waste of time.
28. He's such a sweet daddy. He tries his hardest to figure out what that role looks like. 
29. He loves music.
30. He misses the Army.

Today Cale turned 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leading up to his birthday he was having a real hard time with this one. For him, he feels 16 still and sometimes he struggles with how he's old enough to be married and have a family...30 seems so much older than he thinks he is.  

I wanted it to be a super special birthday so we started 30 days ago giving him one gift a day and then he opened his final "big" gift today. He has really looked forward to this! I also planned a birthday weekend for him so he would have multiple days of fun. :)

It was complete with dinner out and a guys night of bowling. 
A trip to my brothers to celebrate lots of September birthdays!
A special birthday lunch...
...and a whole afternoon of fun driving golf carts and playing laser tag! 

Happy Birthday my handsome man. I love you to the moon and back! 30 can be your best year yet! Woot Woot! 


  1. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cale. You go, guy...and I think I agree, candy is a food group. :)


  2. wow what a team AWESOME BUCKETS OF LOVE N CONGRATS !!! Will n Pam in Bangula sorry not sure about profile so took anonomyuses LOL

  3. Cale,
    Happy Birthday to you! Happy 30 years, and happy 30 more! Best wishes to all of you


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