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Monday, October 24, 2016

Thank you for praying!!!

Thank you SO much for your prayers for Cale's foot. 

This weekend was hard. 


Especially last night.


Today we went to the orthopedic appointment. I was praying for some kind of good plan...a plan that would work for Cale. A plan that would work with him forgetting he couldn't walk on it. A plan that would work to make life a little easier than it has been...

We went. 

The doc checked it out and said we were in luck. The break is in the perfect spot for healing. He said that Cale will need to take it easy and not overuse it BUT he could wear his normal shoes and walk as long as its not hurting. It'll take time to heal but should heal perfectly. 


Are you kidding me???

No cast. 
No splint.
No special boot.


We were both so happy. 

I was so happy I almost started crying in the office. 

This was the BEST news. 

Our HAPPY faces!!! :)


  1. God is GOOD. PRAISE HIM!!!!!

    Now, all we need is Baby Easton to make an entrance. :) :)

    I love you GUYS!!


  2. Wonderful news!You have so much to look forward to!

  3. Thank you, Lord! You alone are our Healer, our Restorer!

  4. God is amazing! Prayer is powerful!


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