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Sunday, October 16, 2016

we need YOUR HELP!!!!


Many of you have asked over the last few years what you can help with. You've expressed wanting to be a part of Cale's life and haven't quite been sure how to help, whether that was somehow financially or physically in his life. 

Other than saying he just wants friends to hang out with him, I haven't known what else to share...until today!

Remember me talking about Cale doing sled hockey?!

We have prayed and prayed over the last several years for something that Cale could invest himself into that would help give him more purpose, something that he would enjoy and something that would give him goals to work towards. 

Last August I found out about sled hockey here and although it was a crazy idea, we moved across the country to pursue this for Cale knowing that he could try being on the team and hate it. 

Guess what?!

Cale looooooooooves it. 

Not only does he love it, he also loves getting to meet the other guys on the team, he loves the idea of getting better and hopefully getting to the point he can be on the advance team and he really REALLY loved having his daughter come cheer him on saying, "good job Daddy!" 

We are so so so thankful for this opportunity for him. I can't even describe how thankful! This is a huge blessing in our lives and such an exciting part of Cale's life. 

With all that said, this program is funded by donations. The donations they receive cover the cost of the ice time, travel for the advance team, gear and other random needs. None of the workers get paid-they all come every Saturday morning and give of their time so these men and women can play hockey the only way possible! 

There's a fundraiser taking place November 4 if you're local and would like a fun night out. There will be a silent auction and other enjoyable happenings going on. 

Tickets for Casino Night are $75 and include:
Drink tickets
1,000 gaming chips to use in the "Vegas style" casino
and opportunities to bid on silent auction items and raffle tickets
There will be plenty of great food, music and drinks provided by Big Boss Brewing

If you're not local or have no desire for attending casino night, would you consider clicking on the link above and "purchase" tickets or select an amount to donate OR by clicking the link below, scrolling to the bottom and clicking donate to the program??

Thank you in advance! I know many of you will be able to donate and I know some of you wished you were able...either way, you're reading this post which means you're still on this journey with us and we're thankful for you! 

Also, feel free to email me with any additional questions! :)

aaaaaaaand, feel free to pass along and share the need with friends and family!! 


  1. Dear Heart, I am so glad you posted what people could do to help. I am doubly blessed Cale has found something he can really get into and enjoy. I am trusting Father to supply all your needs from His riches in Glory. AMEN and AMEN

    I love you,

  2. I know a young man who plays on this team as well! He is an amputee and loves it! So happy for you and for Cale that he has found something to be a part of! - LuLaRoe Emily belanger


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