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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Photo Dump.

Hey guys, 
I don't have much to say this week. Well, actually, I have a toooooon I could say but I'm choosing to not just get on here and type whatever wants to spew out. Maybe others should try that too...

Ha. Sorry. I had to say it. 

I guess I'll just start uploading pictures!

This boy. 

Last Tuesday Nora and I went on a date. It was so fun. We try for these times of just the two of us as often as we can make them happen. I always always ALWAYS love them. We had matching hats to wear and went to see a free movie downtown. She was so excited about it. My kid at this point does not love sitting for movies. She's just too busy. About half way through she turned to me and said, "I think we should go to the coffee shop." So, we did! And do you see our dino friends? They also needed hats. Because, why not?

Aaaaaand, tonight was a battle with her. She was over tired and not wanting to obey in the slightest. It's good for my mommy heart to look back on last week and our special's all progress.

The Mr. & Mrs. went kayaking again. It was a good date and we were cool and used a selfie stick for the first time! ha. 

Sweet friends came to watch Nora play soccer. They made Nora a fun sign...which E wanted to play with. Do you see the face Nora is making? Hahaha...she is always making this face with him.

They were singing and dancing...

Saturday started with friends at soccer and then right after we went to one of the museums nearby and had fun with more friends. We've been to this museum several times and finally saw a new area this time. So fun!

After soccer and museum, we went to our neighborhood fall bash. There was a cake walk...and I won! And then Cale took a turn...and he won! And then Nora took a turn...and she won...and then I went again...and WON! No joke. We were full of cakes. oh yes. oh yes. oh yes.

We went for a walk to the closest fire station with a friend and took them goodies to eat. We've been talking to Nora a lot about serving others and being a blessing. We wanted to say thank you to the firemen for serving our town and bless them with yummy treats. It was fun! The girls both loved giving the treats and then they were surprised with they also were given gifts! At one point when Nora was looking at some of the things in the building she said, "Mommy, I really really want to be a fireman after the other stuff." She's got a list going...haha. 

We went to this little playground area and in my head I thought it would be perfect because it was fenced, it had a turf floor so it would be better for Easton to get down and it was small so the kids couldn't really get out of sight. Well, because Easton puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, it was quite the trip. He went to every single leaf, or piece of garbage or bark and put it in his mouth. Yikes kid.

Easton has been taking steps here and there. I think the most in a row so far was 6. He likes to go really fast though and I think taking steps still slows him down too much. But when he can push something, he flies! The other night it was so beautiful out (It's the end of September and we're still in the 90's here!) so we took his walker outside to walk. He loved it! 

He may have been playing hockey with a ladle and a plastic bowling ball. 


Ok, I think thats a pretty good photo dump.



  1. Your beginning says a lot of how things are going. What you don't say speaks LOUDLY. I am trusting Father to act DOUBLE, TRIPLE LOUD in your life. Thank you for sharing the pictures. My Lily will love the new pictures of "little" Nora.

    I love you and am honored to be a part of your life,

    1. I love that Lily loves Nora :) So sweet!


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