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Monday, September 18, 2017

31 Reasons Why...

Today is my man's 31st birthday.

In the past on his birthday, I've done fun things about him but this time, I'm going to post why I love him...not all the reasons why just 31 one of them :)

1. He loves deeply. He always has.
2. He's hilarious. He makes me laugh so hard I almost wet myself-often. 
3. He admits when he doesn't know something.
4. He's willing to adventure with me even if he'd rather be doing something else.
5. His daily goal is to make other people laugh and it makes him so happy when he does.
6. He's real. He's not fake with anyone.
7. He always makes sure to let me know I'm beautiful. 
8. He loves helping me. Even when he doesn't want to, he does...usually ;)
9. He loves to cuddle.
10. He pops my toes and rubs my feet.
11. He's honest. He won't lie to you. 
12. He always reaches to hold my hand. 
13. His voice gets just a little deeper when he's talking to certain people. 
14. He turns off all the lights. Always. He says he's saving money.
15. When we go to a restaurant or we're just out somewhere, he'll hold the door for, lots of people. He just stands there holding the door. 
16. He will always share his sweets with me.
17. He attempts to make the bed for me because he knows I like it made- he doesn't care at all if it's made but he does it for me.
18. When my head hurts or my stomach doesn't feel good or something is going on with one of the kids, if I ask him to pray, he prays right away and sometimes he prays without me asking.
19. He loves being around people. Its hard for him now but when it's for a short time, he loves it.
20. He likes to know about people. He likes to know things they like and don't like and he actually cares. 
21. He dances with me. It's usually in our kitchen but it's always so special.
22. He cares about Mama. He worries about her and it stresses him out when she looks like she's hurting.
23. He plays with Nora and doesn't care if he looks ridiculous.
24. He hates trying new food but recently he's been trying at least one bite to be a good example for Nora. He even finished something we were having for dinner even though he was gagging. He wanted her to see him finish it. 
25. One of his trainers he had last year said that when he would ask Cale to do something, like 20 pushups, Cale would do 30.
26. When he messes up, he's truly repentant. 
27. When he laughs really hard, he makes a silly noise that always makes me laugh harder. 
28. He makes friends wherever he goes. He'll show pictures from his phone to strangers because thats his way to communicate. 
29. He'll wake me up in the middle of the night just to tell me he loves me so much. This sometimes makes me want to scream since I have a baby boy who hates sleep and keeps me awake BUT deep down, I love it. 
30. He'll watch chick flicks with me.
31. He loves Jesus. And it's not a fake or made up love. He really loves him and it's very real. 

I'm so thankful for this sweet man I get to love and be married to. 

Happy Birthday Boy, I love you so.



    You know, Kathleen, I think I'll do that for my husband's 62nd birthday next March....Thanks for the idea.

    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. I love you,

  2. So proud of Him ! Some men less experienced should take note ~ this is a man's man !!!! I love all the goodness in each one of these it's like eye candy!!!! Love you and how you appreciate your best gift !!!


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