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Friday, September 15, 2017

Will Not Disappoint

I'm just going to start out saying that I am probably just as exhausted today as I was writing my last post but choosing to write in the morning compared to almost bedtime makes a huge difference! My brain can function a little easier with sunshine and coffee :)

Nora is at preschool. Oh how I love preschool. Not just for me to have 3 hours to get a few things done but I love it for her as well. She thrives when she's getting to be around friends and have her dose of people time...sounds a little like her mommy ;)

Easton is napping. This morning nap doesn't always last as long as I want it to so I'm going to dive right in because this whole day is going to be on the GO.

Nora was saying "I'm going to run speedy fast!"

For those of you that know us or have read this blog for awhile, you know we are a hockey family and we love the Red Wings. Well, now that the Carolina Hurricanes play about 20ish minutes from where we live, we decided we're going to embrace them. If they play the Wings, like they did in March-we're all about the Red Wings. 

Part of this was my encouragement to Cale even though I know as a sports lover, you just love your team and support them no matter where you live BUT I knew there would come opportunity for Cale to engage with the Hurricanes...especially since he plays sled hockey here. In my womanly mind it seemed to make sense, and I think its been spot on! 

Sunday morning there was a 5k for the Hurricanes so I signed me up to run it and I signed Nora up for the 100yd dash. I ran with the double stroller and yikes. Racing with a stroller-no bueno. I made it though and it was fun :) Nora enjoyed getting to be a part of it and see what is actually happening when Mommy is in a race. 

After I ran, it was her turn. I definitely should have signed her up for the 200yd dash. After she finished hers, she wanted to keep running! Please note her shoes...apparently kids have feet that grow and I should have checked to see if her sneakers fit before it was time to leave the house...

After all the running and eating were finished, we spent time playing in the bounce houses. At one point Cale was down a little from us shooting pucks in one of the blow up things, Nora was inside the bounce house and I was standing right outside holding E. They had already called out all of the winners and because I had the double stroller I knew I wasn't on that list-Ha!

I had kind of checked out from listening to the guy on stage until I heard, "Kathleen Darling! Is Kathleen Darling still here? Kathleen Darling?" 


That's ME!!! 

I took off running towards the stage with Easton in my arms, waving to let them know I was there. Now for whatever reason, I started thinking, Did I really run that fast with a stroller?  I mean, was there special times for the beasty moms and dads pushing their kiddos and I was that fast??? 

I ran up the stairs very perky and proud of myself to find out that no, I didn't run super fast-but I did win a raffle. 

Which...I'm usually not the one winning a raffle so that was fun.

It was for two free tickets-which was even better!

but for those few seconds of thinking I won so fast...yeah, I was cool in my head.

Right after leaving all of the fun at the 5k, we went straight over to the ice rink so Cale could get on the ice! Sled hockey season has officially started! We are so excited! 

It's going to take a little time to get back in our rhythm but we're ready.

Cale did say it was hard at first but during the scrimmage he ended up making a goal. yahoo! 

Our friend September from WA came to visit in April and bought Nora this turtle. Well, he's definitely a tough cookie and with some bandaids, he's able to just keep swimming-

Randomly we'll hear the piano and will find Easton playing away. It is so sweet! 


The quiet moments while I typed the earlier section have ended and mass chaos has broken out in my home. Haha. I'm going to wrap this up and finish with this...

While growing up, I've often read Romans 5. Last week on Labor Day I read it in a few different versions which I always enjoy. The focus has always been on verse 3 & 4. 

And not only that, but we also rejoice in our afflictions, because we know that affliction produces endurance, endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope. 

I've memorized these verses. I've probably blogged at some point about these verses. These verses are the stand out ones but the next verse is what stuck out to me this time:

This hope will not disappoint us, because God's love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

I know I've read this hundreds of times but reading the words this time registered differently. 

We are told to rejoice in our afflictions (or sufferings depending on translation)
because apparently these afflictions create in us endurance (or perseverance) and with that, our character. When you get to the end it says it then produces hope. 

When I read that on a good day, yes and amen. I completely agree.

At the end of a day when my head hits the pillow and I feel like I am waist or shoulder deep in the trenches, well, sometimes I'm not so quick to raise my hand high and say "yes! amen!" so enthusiastically. Rather, I'm letting the questions run through my mind, 

What does that mean right now? What does that look like where I'm at? 

The very next words though say, 

This hope will not disappoint us

and why will it not?

because God's love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. 

If you've chosen Jesus, you've been given the Holy Spirit and with the Holy Spirit we're able to experience God's love in a real and personal way. He says, this hope that is being built in us will not disappoint. 

I love that. 

When the pain feels pointless, we just need to be reminded that we're being molded to be more and more like Christ- and again I do know that. 

When I read it last Monday, I felt like God knew I needed to keep reading. My human brain can't even grasp what is fully taking place. 

This good work He's doing in us when we choose Him-
we will not be disappointed with the outcome. 

I love serving a God that is continually refining me. Shaving away what needs to be gone.

Shortly after sitting with my Bible and letting everything play through my mind and heart, I got on fb and while scrolling through, a guy from church had posted this same verse.

I also love that. It felt like a little extra hug. 

I didn't do a ton of research on these verses or study the full context (which at some point I know I will!), I just let a few words soak in and bloom.


  1. Father doesn't waste a moment. These verses you quoted, I read them in my moment of need. I will take their truth and rejoice in what Father is doing. Thank you for being His mouth-piece.

    I love you,

    1. I love how He does that...I prayed that He would use the post.
      Love you!

  2. Kathleen,
    I feel so blessed to have met you!
    I knew you were a special person, and time has proven that!
    THANK YOU for your words of wisdom!
    They are much needed right now.
    All my love,
    Lorri C


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