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Friday, November 17, 2017

A surgery, a birthday and some other things

Here we go! 

I'm going to get this update DONE today. I've literally written on my to do list every single day for the last week and every single day it has been moved to the next. 

Last week Mama had knee surgery. I told someone this morning that it was two weeks ago...sure does feel like it! It was originally scheduled in December which would have been the week right before Christmas. I am so so so thankful that it was moved up, it's done and behind us now! 

There are new toys to enjoy at home :)

We celebrated Easton turning ONE!!! 

Nora planned the party. Yep! I gave her some options or helped guide a few things but she chose what needed to happen! One of the things she had said we needed was a real gecko. Uh...

I gently let her know I wasn't quite sure that was going to happen. BUT I decided to get on one of the moms groups on FB and just see if anyone had one we could borrow for a few hours-and we found one! The sweetest family let us come meet Echo the Gecko a week before the party and then they brought her over and the kids enjoyed seeing her :) As you can see, it was a party for Easton but it was mainly Nora's friends ;)

Soccer season ended! I think these two friends may have enjoyed seeing each other every week way more than playing with the balls :)

This is fun! Last year on Halloween, Easton joined the world and later that day mommy made him dress up like Mickey. Poor kid. Ha!

Trick or Treat! Nora went with Luke our neighbor last year while I was home with Easton...and you know, recovering. She talked about going with Luke again all year. 

Grammy & Nora bought Easton his first car for his birthday. This dude is ready. 

My friend Shawna took this picture when we had gone to the pumpkin patch with her and her kids.  So fun! :)

We build a lot of forts in this home and I LOVE it. We built another one recently and we stayed in our pjs for a long time and I think I loved it even more. :)

Can you see us??


Sweet friends :)

Some days are just lay on mommy days. 

Thank you for those of you that asked about my race! I ended with 2:04 which was good for me! I had been keeping my eye on my watch and at one point I was thinking I could PR but about mile 10 I knew it wasn't going to happen-and that's ok! It was still a great race! Another 13.1 done! 

One of our friends had given these little Mickey Mouse shoes to Nora. You may remember seeing them in pictures. Well, this little guy gets to wear them now! 

I remember when Nora was a baby. I would stare at her and think that I was going to memorize everything about her and never forget. Oh how I wish I couldn't forget. I watch her now and think those same things. She has so many opinions and her own thoughts about things. We try to write things down but I know we miss so much. Every age has been so fun with her. Challenging-yes. But I have really enjoyed every age with her. 

Easton, ha. This boy. He does things that Nora never ever did. He climbs the front of the stove. He stands in his little rocking chair to rock. He is so so so different and we love him like crazy. It cracks me up how different he is from when Nora was at this age. 

Cale has been able to go to a few different hockey games which is always a favorite! We also went on a date last week to see Jim Gaffigan. Lots of laughing! 


Ok, I had written about this last year and I'm going to put it out there again. During the holiday season there is a LOT of amazing things to give towards. If you are interested in donating towards the sled hockey program that Cale is involved in click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the right side is a link you can click to donate. The program is getting ready to do one of the biggest fundraiser nights they have. Cale and I have been trying to think of a fun idea to help raise money for the team as well...but we're not agreeing on the ideas...uh...haha. We'll keep thinking though! 

Also, this picture popped up on my FB memories from 3 years ago! Oh man. My heart! 


  1. I don't do FB, but my daughter does and has had pictures from a year ago pop up. Wow!! The difference is amazing. It's cool Easton is wearing shoes Nora wore. I saved some of the clothes all five of my kids wore. Kaitlyn and Lily, my granddaughters, wore them too. There's one outfit that both my girls and Salome's girls wore. We have a picture of each of them. Thank you for the memory. :)

    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.


    I, too am glad your mom's surgery is now done. Father's timing is always perfect.

  2. Lovely Family. Great Job, Parents. What a road you have traveled and look where you are now. God is Good


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