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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Turkeys & Trees...and Poop.

Hey Friends, 

I'm currently sitting in a Panera all by myself...oh my goodness. Yes. 

I love my people, like really love them BUT a little bit of time all to myself after a productive nap time-is such a gift. One of my friends asked if she could take them for a chunk of time today for me. Yesssssss. Thank you Leanne!!! 

It has been beautiful here. I always love Fall but I do have to say that North Carolina has an award winning Fall. The area I grew up in was not full of trees like here. It's just so so so pretty. 

Nora loves everything colorful. When you ask her what her favorite color is, she'll tell you its all the colors of the rainbow. We were driving down the road the other day and she started talking about how God likes colors too because he made everything with all the colors. We then spent the next 5 minutes talking about different things and what colors they are. 

Cale added how even people are different colors and guess what Nora said...

"and they're all beautiful!" 

I agree Nora. I agree. 

at this age, baby food is the BEST messy stuff to play in. I had made a mixture for Nora to have a dinosaur swamp to play in but because Easton puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, giving him some baby food that he could squish and smear was perfect because he can put it in his mouth over and over and Mommy is totally ok with it! 

We went to the tree farm. We didn't plan to get a tree, we just went to run and play. Our friends were going to get a tree so we did plan to visit with them and hopefully get some pictures. My goal was to try to get a really good one of Nora and Easton. We just had our family pictures done and we did get great photos but I didn't get any of just the two of them that I really loved. 

You can see in the last picture how that went...ha! 

At one point before our friends arrived, I tried to get some pictures of the two kids. Easton was walking around like a big boy exploring and I was trying to get a picture of Nora. I looked over and Easton had a huge smile and started walking back towards me. "Easton, what do you have? Did you find a stick? Come show Mommy!" was said in a high pitched overly excited voice. He was so cute and seemed so pleased. He came even closer and my eyes focused clearer on what he was holding. Oh, it wasn't a stick. Nope. A stick doesn't squish between fingers. It was poop. Like a big poop. It went up to his face and I did a quick ninja move to swat it from his hand before it reached his mouth...but unfortunately it did hit his cheek. 

I'm grossed out and Nora is grossed out. 

I ran over to where our stroller was sitting and of course I had left the wipes in the car. Awesome. 

I did have one tissue that I tried my best to wipe his hands with. I plopped him on my hip and put the poopy hand behind me and had Nora sit on the stroller. I pushed with one hand through grass and hills and trees-why were we so far from the van?!

The whole way as we're walking by people and I'm smelling an unwanted aroma, Nora is yelling "Gross! Easton picked up poooooooop!" 


I ended up calling Mama saying that I knew she couldn't help with the situation but I needed emotional support. Hahahaha. 

We were able to get the boy all cleaned up and went back to the trees-we had a blast! :)

Me and this guy had a date at home. We played Ticket to Ride and both ended up in Raleigh! It wasn't planned and made it extra fun :)

"Everything is so beautiful and the leaves and all the rocks too!" -Nora

He wanted to be throwing rocks in the lake too...but watching sissy will have to do...

We went for a walk last week and Mama walked 2 miles!! Her knee is healing and at this point she's already walking better than she was before her surgery! During the last mile, Nora would ride on the walker and yell out "Go Grammy Go! You can do it! Go Grammy Go!" She's a good encourager :)

We ran a neighborhood 5k Turkey Trot. Nora ran 1 lap out of the 3 for the kids and then she ran a little bit during Mommy's run. It was fun and relaxed :) 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

One of our friends invited us over to join her family and it was perfect! Easton played with the "big" girls for part of the time...which was a little bit of a heart jerker. Whew. 

I think he changed a lot this last week in his looks. He looks like a little boy walking around and not so baby looking anymore. 

Every Thanksgiving we watch a Christmas movie. The kiddos were exhausted after we left Courtney's house so we put them to bed a little early and then made some hot cocoa and watched White Christmas to launch us into Christmas season! 

Friday we picked out our tree! 

I always love Christmas but this year I may be the most excited I've ever been. Experiencing Christmas with kids is more and more fun! This year Nora is even more excited, understands a lot more and just gets so excited about all of the fun things. We have a list of all the fun things we'd like to do and we're talking a lot about ways we can be a blessing. 

I just love it so much! 

I really do try to get pictures of them together...and...well...this is what we get. 

This was Friday morning and we went to pick out a tree Friday around 4:30. Both kids were still in their dinosaur jammies because that's how cool we are. 


  1. least he didn't make it to entry. I remember having to dig a slug out of Salome's mouth when she was a little thing. It took me awhile as I was often looking away as to not puke in her sweet face.
    I loved all the pictures. The one just above the last four, I thought was a card perfect picture. The pajama picture reminds me how my mom always got my sister and I new pajamas as our Open-on-Christmas-Eve gift. I tried to do that with my kids. It worked Christmas. '~' I hang my head as I say it, well not really, but, we have an artificial tree. I'm going to hang scented sticks on it for fragrance. We will get our house decorated this week. For some reason this year, it felt like I didn't want to rush from one thing to another. I practiced a lesson I learned from Cale, to LIVE in the moment. That has been such a gift when remembered.
    I am SOOO grateful to be a part of your journey. Thank you for sharing your life so freely.

    I love you,

    I am glad your mother is doing so well.

  2. Awww Marion ! Yes be present ! In doing so we are the best gifts !

    Kathleen , love this blog and the recorded dreams and love you have sewn here , this will mean so much to your sweet children I hope you are printing it out and have a hard copy somewhere , what a gift this is of your life and love for one another !!!

    You are such a blessing ~ never stop shining and just bring you ~ best gift ever !
    Love you !


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