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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It's My Birthday!

Hey guys! 

We're still here, just enjoying the holidays and each other :)

There's something on my heart that I want to share with you-but mostly putting it on here so I'll have it written out. 

On New Years Eve I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook-

Along with it I had this quote-

"Discipline is the wholehearted yes to the call of God. When I know myself called, summoned, addressed, taken possession of, known, acted upon, I have heard the Master. I put myself gladly, fully and forever at His disposal, and to whatever he says my answer is yes." -Elizabeth Elliot

When I posted that quote I didn't have a specific idea of what that may be that He's asking of me this year- but whatever its going to be, I want my answer to be yes.

Rewind for a minute-

We have been going through a period that has been super challenging with Cale. It's every day and I fully rejoice we have Jesus. We claim victory and we know we'll make it to the other side but this middle part right now is haaaaaard. 

Yesterday, the first day of 2018 was started with me being confident and excited. I didn't stay up until midnight so I woke up a little more chipper than a lot of you may have. ;) 

To make this story short, Mama made a yummy dinner, one she makes every New Years day. I didn't help at all, I played with the kiddos :) Nora helped me set the table extra special though. 

Cale ended up having a moment. I won't give details but it ended with frustration and tears for me. 

We ate dinner while he stayed upstairs and then one of our friends came to pick him up and get him out of the house for a little bit- I am so grateful.

After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and while washing there were a lot more tears. Outside of these moments, I know it's brain injury. I am able to reason with myself but it definitely feels like I'm fighting a battle up stream and I just struggle sometimes to know what the next step needs to be-and many days we just take one step at a time. 

Before going upstairs for the night I walked into our dining room and I read this sign I have hanging up over and over and over-

This sign was a little bit of a splurge and now I know it was money well spent. As I read it I quickly started to add, "my answer is yes."

I will be a woman who is humble and gentle.


I will be patient.


I will make allowance for others faults.


Sometimes, God does have callings into a ministry, or getting married or a move or whatever else- but sometimes we just need to say yes to loving him and loving people more. Maybe as we walk through our days, we need to remember to make allowance for others faults because we all mess up. 

We will continue to have hard days. We know that and it would be so whether we lived with brain injury or not. It's just going to be that way in a sinful world. 

BUT, in our home, we choose to say yes to wholeheartidely loving God and loving people-

even when its hard. 



  1. I am SOOO glad you posted. I check every day and am blessed when you write. Thank you.

    What a WONDERFUL verse. I'm going to find a way to mount it on my wall. I NEED to remember it. Father has been working on gentleness with me, loving in spite of faults and EVERYTHING that verse holds. I, too, want to be a "yes" daughter. Sometimes, I have to back that up a bit though, and say I want to want to. '~' Father has us on different paths, yet we both fill Father's bottles with our tears. He says He keeps them, you know. It'll be way cool to see what He's done with them when we get to New Earth.

    I love you and am honored to be a part of your journey,


    1. YES! It is one that needs to be up in our view to see daily!

      LOVE you!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting. Sometimes it is so hard to be understanding of others and their reasoning, no doubt especially so with 2 youngsters! I'm amazed at how you make it all work on top of your dedication and support for your husband. I suppose sometimes it's tough as you understand why Cale is struggling but also feel overwhelmed with all the pressures in your life. No doubt though your children will grow up to be strong, courageous, empathetic warriors in Gods name. The challenges we endure move us closer to God!
    Blessed be


    1. God's grace! SO much of it in this home!! And yes! That is what I pray over them! :)

  3. It WAS your Birthday, and I blew it and missed it! Urgh! Sorry.... but I wanted to take this moment to send belated wishes, to pray for you, to send our love, and to acknowledge that we all have struggles and your words and plaque is perfect! May we all remember, and be blessed by them, and be willing to say yes!
    Love ya,


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