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Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Next Right Thing.

January has been fun so far. :)

Nora started off the year ready to adventure! See that bug catcher? There's a centipede in there. It's been in there since October...and it's still her pet. She hasn't tried to take him out (thankfully!) she just keeps loading leaves for him to eat. 

This reminds me I still need to tell you about the frog story. I will do this next post!

Cale's first practice of 2019 he played as goalie for his team!!! He did SO good for his first time. It's going to take some learning. With anyone it would of course, but change is hard for him and it's just going to take time. He had started to get frustrated and on the way home as I talked through it with him, I realized on our way to practice I should have had a conversation about more than what I had. Learning for me too! Ha! I think this could be really good for him...

Friends from community group went out with me for a birthday dinner. So fun :)  

Easton has had a cold this week, so we stayed home a lot more and spent a morning making cookies...that Nora wouldn't touch! Silly girl. Guys, this girl is not just picky...she's like, to the max. I'm praying through what our next plan needs to be. It's been for about 3 years that we have struggled and tried everything everyone has told us to try. It has been so hard. I know we're not alone in this! 

And don't worry, we didn't share our cookies and spread germs! ;)

We've had some beautiful weather and have taken some walks and played outside. Nora and I went out just the two of us and I always always love time with her when it can be just us. She has so much to say and so many thoughts. I try to often remind myself to pause and take time to listen. 

One day this week we had been outside visiting with friends and it was pretty cold. When it was time to go, I was getting her buckled in her seat and she loudly announces, "I'm so cold, even my bacteria is cold!" 

She insisted on doing her own make up because my niece is getting married and asked Nora to be her flower girl! Nora is SO excited!!!! She told me she needed to do her make up to practice for being a flower girl. It was so sweet. 

She was also the only kid in her preschool class that wouldn't try green eggs & ham!! NOT a surprise speaking of her terrible eating...

Her teacher did say she at least was polite about it! Haha. 

Speaking of school...

Yesterday I turned in the registration for Easton to start preschool in the fall and then went and did the paperwork for Nora to start Kindergarten. OH. MY. WORD. 

"They" say it goes fast. Ya'll it is beyond fast. 

My friend is having a baby and today we had a gender reveal party. This was so so so special for me and I'm SO thankful she let me host it and be part of all the celebrating. My kiddos enjoyed having their friends over as well! I did not get a picture with her which is a HUGE bummer! 

Later today I went on a birthday hike with some other friends! This was amazing and I want to do it again and again. These three ladies are definitely some of my favorite people. I enjoyed the 8 miles so much! 


That's a quick catch up! :) 

One thing that I've been pondering recently is "do the next right thing" 

I'm doing a bible study and after a break for the holidays we met again the other day. In part of the study these words were printed as it talked about David during the time he was running from Saul. 

There is so much uncertainty. There's often a circumstance I'm not sure how to respond to or a situation I'm not sure what my part in it needs to be. 

Things can be hectic or just full because life is full when kiddos are needing lots of attention. There are conversations I need to have with Cale or wish I could have with him. 

There are plans that need to made and things that need to be figured out.

Or...there's just a whole lot of waiting going on...

If I with a heart of surrender, choose to do the next right thing, God is God and He will continue to lead and guide me. The big things no longer seem as big when my lense can focus on the next thing, and not the next 10 things. 

It changes where my focus is. 

I encourage you today to work on doing the next right thing...and then the next...and then the next. 


  1. Dear One, What a JOY to read your blog just now. Things are....well, I needed you. My comments are going to seem random. Did I ever tell you my oldest daughter Naomi teaches pre-k. She loves it.---We've had lots of pets, wild birds even, BUT no long lasting bugs.---Picky can be a pain, does she at least eat some of her veggies?---I am glad you had a fun birthday. The celebration being spread out makes it extra special.---I loved seeing Cale in his uniform.---It looks like Nora is having fun with the make-up. She and Lily would make quite a pair...yes they would!!Green eggs and ham, I think I would have a hard time trying them.---Keeping focus at what's directly in front of us is a challenge. That may be part of the reason Father had, "Today's troubles are sufficient for today..." in the Holy Writ.

    I am honored to be a part of your journey. Thank you for being there,


  2. NO! We've tried everything and veggies won't go down. Praying through it! Yikes...
    I remember trying green eggs and ham! It was fun! She didn't agree...haha! And yes, I agree, it can be birthday month! :) I'm good with that!

    Love ya!


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