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Friday, January 4, 2019

Thirty Two.

I've done this before for Cale and thought it would be fun for me to do as well! 

I'm a few days late but I just celebrated my birthday! It actually wasn't the greatest day...but that's ok! Tomorrow will be a fun day :) 

Here are 32 things I love. Not in any order other than how they come to mind. 

1. Jesus. I mean, I truly wouldn't be able to start this list any other way. 

2. Getting to be Cale's wife. I'm so thankful.

3. Being a mommy. It's hard guys, but so so so good. 

4. I love that Mama lives with us. This also can have its challenges, but she is amazing and sacrifices so much for us. 

4. Eating really good flavorful food. I used to enjoy cooking but I will say, at least in this season of life, I extra love eating really good flavorful food that was made for me. Ha. 

5. Birthdays. I really love celebrating other peoples birthdays. It's such a special day! 

6. Yummy coffee. Sweet yummy coffee.

7. I have a new love for tea. I'm starting to really enjoy a warm cozy cup.

8. Friends. Oh so much! Friendship is the BEST gift. 

9. Going out for ice cream. Sitting at home having ice cream is enjoyable of course, but I would much rather go out and experience getting to look at all the different kinds and struggling to decide which flavor I'm going to choose. I also really love those big waffle cones. Yum.

10. When Easton comes running for a kiss after he gets hurt. He usually isn't even hurt, but that bump feels 100% better after a kiss. 

11. Traveling. I love home and coming back to home but since I was young, I've loved traveling. 

12. Being around my brothers and sisters. Guys, they are cray cray sometimes...or all of the time, but I love them so much. They pick on me and drive me crazy but they also make me feel cared for. 

13. Listening to Nora tell me about something she's really excited about. She talks faster than her brain organizes what she needs to say and her hands start moving all over the place...kind of like me. Haha. 

14. Easton's smile. Man, when he flashes those dimples...

15. Taking walks. I am not one to go for walks by myself. Really I don't do too many things by myself-ha! Walks with the kids or a friend is always a great time. 

16. HAPPY mail! I love getting mail. At Christmas time, I'm like a kid waiting for the mailman to deliver Christmas cards to us. Mama may have teased me a little this last Christmas...

17. Pregnant belly bumps and all the thrills of pregnancy. I rub bellies. I'm guilty. I also awkwardly stare at women's bellies as I walk by them. I can't help it! I love everything pregnancy and birth related. Weird. I know. 

18. I love having people over and walking into another room and listening to the conversation and laughter. It makes my heart sore. 

19. I love when Nora is first waking up and stretches. Her hair is usually stuck to her little face and she has the print of her blankie across her cheek. 

20. Giftcards. I mean, doesn't everyone love these?

21. SUN. I love sunshine and if I lived in an area with little of it-I would die. 

22. I love when Cale cracks himself up. He makes this face and almost has this silent laugh at first until this noise comes out. I usually end up laughing because he's laughing. 

23. Running errands with Mama. It's quite interesting right now with Easton doing gymnastic moves in the grocery cart BUT I still enjoy her being with me. 

24. RUNNING. I actually really love it. I love that I don't have to be competitive. I can just run. Or I can push myself. I love feeling my feet take turns hitting the pavement. 

25. I love listening to Audio books while I run. I know there are some that think I'm crazy but I loooooove it. I love that I can drive around and sometimes remember a part of a book I was listening to on a run in that spot. 

26. I love when people are telling you something from their heart and they start to get tears in their eyes. 

27. I love when someone will tell me God was laying me on their heart and they prayed for me. Isn't that actually such a cool thing?! One that God put my name on their heart and then that they took the time to pray for me! I love so much when someone takes the time to pray for me-or Cale or my family. 

28. That feeling after I get my hair cut. It feels so fresh and new.

29. Podcasts. I will say, I was late to the game but now that I've discovered them and have listened to many, I love them. 

30. I love Christmas time! 

31. I love cozy sweats and a good movie. 

32. Hmm...last one I'll say is, going to hockey games with Cale. He just really loves the game and over the years I've come to love the game which makes it so fun. Oooh. I'll also add watching Cale get to play sled hockey. It does something to the heart. 

I could keep going but...that'll come on a different year! 

I also love all of you that take the time to read this blog and the words I type. 

Happy late birthday to me! 


  1. You Sweet Child!! I love your "loves." Woah, I just thought, I'm going to be twice your age on my birthday….don't tell anyone. Okay...

    I've said it many times, BUT, I will say it again, Father has His hand on you in a SPECIAL WAY. You have walked the path He's put before you with grace and Joy Unspeakable. Not giddy happiness, BUT the deep down joy He has promised. Kind of like Jesus going to the cross for the JOY that was before Him. Thank you for being Jesus in His Kathleen form. You do it well.

    I love you and am grateful for being a part of your journey,


    1. When is your birthday??

      ...and I love YOU.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, but love you so much even though I'm tardy... What great "joys", 32 of them! You're blessed with a heart that makes live happy, and a love for God that inspires so many others.

  3. I was late for my birthday too! Haha.

  4. I love reading this so much. You make my heart smile. God is so so big and He is using you in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your heart.


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