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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Change can be challenging. 

I think with every year I'm alive, I realize more and more how much changes in life and keeps changing. 

Simple things like:
what foods I like...what foods Cale adds to his list of foods he doesn't like...or which foods my kids will choose to eat for the day...
what clothes are in style
which parenting method is best

some change is good like:
when baby is out of the newborn stage (I actually love this stage BUT I know I may be the only one...ha!)
who is president of our country-we wouldn't want the same guy forever...
getting married & starting a family

some change can be more difficult like:
a death in the family
jeans no longer fitting
a big move

some change just happens and is so needed like:
growing up- I've loved every stage with my kiddos so far but I wouldn't want any of the stages to be forever.
weather seasons- I love that we get 4 different ones! Well...depending where you live. 
Friendships- some friendships really stick for years & years but some are for just a season

Change allows for growing and being stretched. 
As I typed that sentence, I totally thought of being pregnant- growing...and stretching for sure! 

I've typically been one who has struggled and not always been super fond of change. I like things to be more a degree. When it's change I'm choosing or being a part of, I can jump on board. When it's things changing around me, I have a harder time with it. 

This brings a memory to mind that cracks me up! Years ago when my best friend Rachel started dating Mike, I didn't know him, I wasn't a part of their relationship and she was going to school in OK and I was living in NY with Cale. Now, please note, I was married! Hearing her tell me she was dating him was sooooo hard for me. I instantly didn't like him. And then, I remember playing cribbage on my living room floor with Cale when I got the call they were engaged. 

I ended up making effort to "like" Mike but oh I struggled. Her life was changing and so it felt like everything was changing with it. 

I ugly cried at her wedding guys. 

And I was a people saw. 

Thankfully, I've grown a little since then and she's still my bestie. I also actually like Mike ;)

I mentioned earlier about kiddos growing and changing- this is fun but even this great kind of change is hard on my mommy heart. They get SO big SO quickly. 

I have two little kids...not babies!

Brain injury changes as well. Like...always. Year to year, month to month and day to day. Let's be real, minute to minute. 

This is a good thing and a blessing it's also really challenging and makes me want to bash my head. Not really. Well...maybe. 

The tools in my TBI box have had to change and switch out and I'm always learning! It's worth it though...all the learning and trying and working hard and changing with the change? Hmm...not sure how to say that a different way. Haha. 

The scars on Cale's head remind me of that day when huge change entered our life. I was telling him a story the other day about when he was in the hospital and of course he doesn't remember but even as I shared it with him and listened to his reaction, the memory felt so distant and almost impossible compared to him now. 

Change is change is change. 

I didn't post last week because I've been thinking so much about all the changes in life and how thankful I am to serve and love a God who doesn't change. He will never change his mind about how much He loves me. He won't ever change His promises. His truth never ever changes, not through all of the ages. His character has never and will never change.

Everything else in life changes.

God is unchanging. 

I am so thankful.


Also, this picture cracks me up...It's similar to this one...

which led to this...



  1. I have heard there is ONLY one constant in life...change. Children grow up, have babies of their own. Those babies grow up. Singles get married, which brings a WHOLE dynamic of change not only for them, but for the extended family as well. Roles will be "changing" as new players are added to the mix. Instead of fighting the changes, realize that the One who never changes is there with us, holding us close in the everlasting arms. Sometimes situations change so we'll be reminded NOT to count on those around us, BUT on Him who made us. Too, we MUST be thankful for what we have had, rather than mourn what, we think, will no longer be ours.

    Father's timing of your blog entry is His words always are. Thank you for being His mouth piece. I love you and am honored to be a part of your journey.


    1. Marion, you just said it all better than I did!
      It was definitely His timing!!
      Love you!

  2. Change changes, and is always changing! As I get older, I think about how I had this perception that change will slow down as my family grew and became more independent, and then their life would change and mine would settle into normalcy! ha!!! I've learned that this isn't the way God deals with us, or what He deals us, but life is ever-ebbing and changing. Some changes are incredibly hard (as you well know), and others are almost as hard, but in a much different way. I too, am so blessed to know that God is never-changing, and for that I am deeply thankful! Be grateful in what the Lord gives you, even the change, because we usually need it... Love those kiddos!


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