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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Update - Kathleen

Today has been another good day! Cale was active for a good part of the morning and then again later this afternoon. His tremors seem to be coming back more often, they are lighter now though. They had him sitting up in the bed for a while which is a nice change from always laying down. The last couple days, his vitals have been a little off. His heart rate was up to 141 yesterday and he had a slightly high blood pressure but today they've looked great all day and he just seems to look a lot more comfortable! Also, I've been doing his mouth care and today OT was in and said I should start trying to have him help, so this afternoon when he was being more active I grabbed his hand and had him hold onto the swab along with me. :)

It's Rachel's last night here, and in a couple days, Joe and Beth will be here. God has blessed Cale and I with such amazing friends and family. I'm not the only one saying it either! Even the CNA today was saying how great our friends are. Again, thank you everyone for all the support. It's so encouraging and helps me so much through all of this.

Thank you.


  1. Kathleen,
    So good to read all this encouraging news, especially that he is up in the chair. That is great for his circulation and for his muscles..
    As for all your great friends.. I have heard it said that you have to be a friend to have friends. well that must be why you have so many people who love you so much my darling. You are an awesome friend and so easy to love. Your cheerfulness and caring of others is so easy to reciprocate. We love you and keep you in our constant thoughts and prayers. Sleep with the angels darling. He is watching you both....

  2. Oh Kathleen...I hugged your mom so much today at church. You are all such an amazing family of strength and love in our can you not be blessed in your lives. Everything happens for a reason in Gods perfect time. HE has prepared you for the duty of nursing your beloved through this time of has been a month of constant improvement surrounded by love hope faith and joy. Nothing is more important than each new day...not the day after or the day before or next month...just THE day! We think about you many times a day...<><


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