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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update - Kathy

Today Cale started out being very active this morning. He is still moving his left arm and leg a lot. Not so much the right side. His nurse told us when we came in this morning that he was constantly pulling on his leads and oxygen tube. The new thing for today was that he moved his head to the right. It has always fallen to the left on its own so it was great to see him try and move it in the opposite direction. He still has a slight tremor which starts a little while before the medicine is due. The doctor was informed and they will be deciding whether to up the dosage on what he is already taking or try some other medicine. Also, forgot to mention yesterday while he was wearing the valve that allows him to make sounds from his mouth, he did a heavy sigh. All of these may seem very small, but they are HUGE!!!!! Cale is still struggling at times with an elevated heart rate. Not for sure what's causing this. Maybe seizure activity, pain, don't know.

When I start to get a little discouraged, I look back at the very beginning and realize how far he has come already. I know my son will not let this get the best of him because he has never given up on anything until he masters it. He still has multitudes of people praying for him and that is so awesome. My sister Susan told me something that was very comforting the other day. She said that she knows that God has something big planned for Cale and we may not know what it is but it will be so much bigger and better than Cale had even planned for himself. I have always believed this, but it helps to be reminded when it has been a rough day. Thanks so much sis.

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  1. kathy please remember when it seems the darkest that is when God is the closest to us. i cant even imagine your place or kathleens place in all of this. my heart aches to see one of our loved ones going through all of this, but you guys have been such a blessing to others through all of this,God is not only using your son but you and kathleen and many others that are standing by his bed side. you guys are all in our prayers. we love you and cant wait till this part of the trial is over. cant wait till cale is better. each new step is huge like you said, no one will ever say o thats nothing, hes come along way. keep up the great work cale and get better, we love you. jurita


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