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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update - Kathleen

Today a new and exciting thing happened! PT and OT came and got Cale out of bed and this time not straight to the wheelchair! They put him on a tilt table which starts out flat and then slowly work him to a standing position. He was only in the standing position for about 2 minutes but from what I've heard that's normal for the first time. It was so great to see him up. I will say that things that used to make my day were days when a dessert I made turned out or I got to eat lots of chocolate but now it's seeing Cale in a shirt or seeing him vertical :)

He wore the speaking valve for about 4 hours today. The speech therapist said once he can tolerate it for the whole day they can start capping trials. Capping trials is when they cover the trach hole so that he has to breathe in and out through his mouth unlike with the valve, he still breathes in through the trach and then out through the mouth. Every step is so exciting!

As for me, today was a pretty good day. Right now, I'm guilty of watching American Idol...

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