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Friday, March 12, 2010

Update - Rachel

Today is a great day!
Yesterday we found out Cale was having seizures and he seemed to be having them all day. Last night they doubled his Keppra dosage (anti-seizure med). TJ didn't notice any seizure activity all night, which is awesome! This morning, about an hour and a half before the Keppra was due, he started having some lite seizure activity. We'll continue to watch him carefully for any tremors.
The exciting thing!! He's been doing another new thing today. He's been moving his left arm up and across his body. It looks like he's exercising. Kathleen put her wrist up to him and let him smell her perfume and he reached his arm over toward her. :) She loved that of course!! She also took a video of him "exercising" that will be attached. God is so good. It's been fun seeing progress today!! Thanks for the continued prayer!


  1. So AMAZING!! How good is God!? He'll be awake soon, I know it! I hope you were encouraged, I was just by being able to watch it.

    Love you!!!!


  2. THANK YOU for the video of Cale!
    It's very exciting him responding to your requests! : D
    Also exciting that he responds to Kathleens perfume!
    Good to know that they have determined he was having the seizures as now his doctors can get them under control for him, as I am positive they were an interruption to his ability to progress and respond.
    I will continue to pray for Cales progression for a full recovery!
    All my LOVE,
    Lorri Cyphers

  3. Wow Hun all of that is amazing, its hard to see Cale like that, but your a awesome women of the lord, and a amazing wife, and he is so blessed to have you threw all of this.. God has giving you so much strength.. I love you both so very much.. I am so happy that he improving so much in his recovery, Wow the things he can do now, and so quickly its so God:) i have you both in my prayers and heart.. Hug, and kisses to you Kathleen, and give Cale a Hug from he and a Kiss on the cheek from Darryl hahahehehe..

  4. my kids saw this video and caleb said that daddy dream.i said no thats uncle cale.caleb said no that daddy.this went on for a couple mins.funny part is lucky is sitting right here while hes saying it.then celeste said well he looks like daddy.wait til they see them together their gonna be so confused.

  5. kathleen this is darrel dawson.Would you do something for me.this has bin on my mind.It's A song that me and cale would sing together.Win he was little.If you would sing this to him I just know that he will just love it. Especially if his loving wife is singing this.So this is what I would like you to sing to my boy pleas kathleen. Moo Moo I love you. I know your A cow but any thing will do, I said wo'wee,Can't you see, I just want to make love to you).I know he will love it.Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the vidio TJ. It really hit home and broke my heart. It will mend with cale's recovery. I know it will be a long road but I think cale will know some shortcuts. Thanks again Kathy's hubby Dennis.

  7. Dear Kathleen, family and friends. Just want to say that I and others here in Nor Cal are praying for Cale's recovery and your continued strength and encouragement. We have been very uplifted by your faith and your attitude of thankfulness as the Lord walks you through this time in your lives. "be anxious for nothing but in all things with prayer, supplication and thanksgiving let your requests be known and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding shall guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus" continuing in prayer, Leesah Marvin

  8. Kathleen,
    That is awesome to see him responding to you!!! You can tell he is a fighter. He is making great progress! Congrats!
    Mandy Anderson


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