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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

His yoke

Today is a new day! Yesterday, was hard. It was hard looking into the face of so many people that were saying that for the rest of my husbands life, he might be like this. My husband. The man who is supposed to take care of me, hold me when I'm sad, laugh with me, protect me, and miss me when we're apart. He's the man that's supposed to look at me and say I'm beautiful, say I love you. What precious sweet words. Cale and I want kids so bad, we were just starting to try. Ugg. The thought of growing old alone while Cale spends the rest of his life...this heart...HE IS ENOUGH. It just felt like suddenly we were running out of time. 5 weeks and then the fight might be all over? God do you realize we're running out of time-yikes! Silly me! God doesn't run on my time or the doctors! He's outside of time!

I did this morning what I've done every morning since February 11, I've surrendered the day to the Lord. It might be hard, it might be a really good day, only He knows and either way, it's His. Since Cale and I got married, I've wanted to be the best wife that I could. Through all the time that he was deployed, I always asked God to help me be the best wife that I could be for him through it. Nothing has changed, I want to be the best wife for Cale that I can be, even if this is the way things are going to be. I'm realizing it's a possibility, even more now then before, BUT I'm not forgetting that God has Cale in His victorious right hand.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matthew 11:28

Thank you everyone for all of your encouragement. I needed to hear it all. I needed to be reminded before I closed my eyes for the night that it's not too late. God is in control and He's doing amazing things in my life, and Cale's. Thank you!


  1. love you and will be praying for you throughout the day

  2. Kathleen, many at Salem Baptist Church in Apex are praying for you.

  3. Kathleen you are such an anazing women of God . I pray for you both every day. Even with every thing that you are going thur you still see the bright side .I want to be more like you . God bless you and may only good thigs come your way today.

  4. Carolyn Bodiford4/20/10, 9:33 AM

    Kathleen, We was faced with a sitution where the doctors told us the same thing.We refuse to believe the reports of doctors. We lived at hospital and everytime we could go in and see my sister we would speak live and tell spirit of death to leave and We would break every word or any curse that the doctors and nurse anybody spoke in the name and blood of Jesus. when the doctors told us she couldnt live we told them she would Live because of our God. My sister did live and the doctors said it was beyond them. I speak life over Caleb in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Speak to every member Of Caleb to function normal in the name and Blood of Jesus and Believe Caleb is healed complete by the stripes of Jesus. Honey I pray for you and Caleb everyday Im trusting in Gods word that never fails. If you can get to the christian book store by the book the Authority of the believer by Kenneth Hagin. I hope I spelled it right. love you Carolyn Tonys grandma Carolyn Bodiford

  5. Thinking and praying for you both so much today...will be fasting with you on Thursday, along with SO many others that I know...

    Love you and your man so much....
    Elisabeth (and Philip) Thomas

  6. How wonderful to have the light of a new day to see the things of the Lord in a new way. I am so proud of you. No matter what He has in store for you He will be your portion and your strength and we will be there for you every step of the way encouraging you, praying for you, fasting with you and holding you up even long distance.
    We really love you both so very much Kathleen,
    Charlie and Jean

  7. Even at the end of 5 weeks the fight will not be over, not for Cale, you, the many that praying & especially not for God. Hang in there sweetie, don't ever let Satan take a stronghold on your feelings.

  8. Cale has been blessed with an amazing wife who has stood by him through everything, not many have that even while their deployment. Stay strong, hug and snuggle with basil that'll help a lil. Prayers have been continuously going out to Cale and you and your guys families. Take care xoxo
    Christy G.

  9. leena bean, you have been so amazingly strong through all of this. Please don't give in to satan, and never doubt the strenght of God and that of Cale. I had to be reminded of this last night after I read your update. I have almost 500 people that I am friends with on facebook, and have never met the majority of them that are deeply concerned, and are pryaing faithfully for both you and Cale day and night. One such friend told me last night that even though yesterday was a setback, that Cale is allowed to take a break. Keep this in mind. he has been fighting for dear life since Feb 10th. Both me and crystal are here if you need anything. Love the both of you.


  10. Dearest Kathleen! Let you heart not be troubled...your FATHER is in control. His plan for your lives will play itself out under the shelter of his wings. Have hope and put all your faith in this thought. One day at a time your life will slip into the future and I know there are many questions...but the LORD has all the fully in HIM.
    Not a day goes by that I do not think about you both...sending love from the cozy cottage...we care so much<><
    Karla & Dennis


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