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Saturday, August 21, 2010

healed with a kiss...a very sweet kiss :)

This evening when Cale and I were having some good cuddle time (which he always says is his favorite time of the day!), he was trying to tell me something with pointing and tapping, when his finger happened to point right into my eye! My hand immediately covered my eye and I put my head down. Cale lifted my head, kissed the tip of his finger and then touched my eyelid!!! He's so sweet! We would always kiss each others ouch-spots before and say how they were healed, so this was an incredibly special moment.

Katie and I were talking about how the Honda is a small car, and I was joking about how I should trade it in for a Toyota Tacoma. I've always wanted one, but Cale would rather have a SUV than a truck. One of my many missions in life has been to convince Cale that we NEED to have a truck, and if it happens to be a silver double cab Tacoma, well, that's just all the better :) During the conversation with Katie, I came up with my newest proposal to Cale. I was saying that it would be so much easier transporting the wheelchair, and they have a tandem bike that the therapist are going to try with Cale next week, that we could take places and ride together. I think it's a perfectly good point...when I asked Cale, he didn't seem to think so. Me: "Cale, I was thinking, well, you know how you have a wheelchair?" Cale: head nod "yes" Me: Hmm...I was thinking, can we trade the Honda in for a Tacoma?" Cale: shook his head "no" Me: "are you just saying that because you don't like trucks?" Cale: "yes"-HA!

I'll win him over at some point. The Honda just isn't fit for our new life.

Here's a little video to all of you that are so faithful about reading this blog and praying for us! "Thank you" hasn't quite made the "I'll attempt this" list, but here is; "hi", "stay", and..."I love you"


  1. Still praying and so encouraged that Caleb is responding more and more - also I think it is awesome that he has memories of the special moments you have shared and HE can let you know that !!!!!!!! Love you guys the Boviers'

  2. What a great video!! We'll be waiting and expecting a voice to it soon!!


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