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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Off to Stanford with a Basil and a Boy :)

Today was our second outing! Cale didn't enjoy it as much this time. He was again, really tired before we left the hospital, and then it was a little warmer today. A hot tired Cale and a hyper curious Basil, made for an interesting adventure! It was still fun and so great to have Basil for a couple hours.

We're a little dark in this picture, but the back ground was really neat! It was really great because Cale was trying to get Basil to look at the camera! He did that on his own!

I would like to point out how tan my arms look compared to Cale's. This is a first! Cale ALWAYS tans so great in the summer, and well...I stay...very white. I happen to be getting a little color this summer, still not as much as he usually gets, but with him in the shade all the time because the sun hurts his eyes, he's staying white...a little tidbit that you probably didn't care to know-I'm just proud of these arms ;)

Basil was too interested in a tour group to join the family picture :)

...for 5 seconds we managed to get a shot of all of us, before a little boy walked by, and Basil forgot all about us! I know we're far away, but the building was so cool!

I sure do have myself a handsome fella ;)

This next week has so much potential for lots of BIG things to happen! Tonight as I was getting Cale ready for bed, I think the both of us feel tired. Not just tired, like, we need to get a good night sleep, but also tired of this journey. It's long, draining, not exactly pleasant, and quite bumpy. I know that I felt it, but I really believe that tonight, Cale was having the very same feelings. As I was having all these different thoughts, I transferred Cale to his bed, and looked up at his wall. I have lots of scripture on his walls around the room, and tonight Psalm 31:14 stuck out to me. "But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, "You are my God."-as I read it, I could feel my heart soak every word up like a sponge. I trust Him. I don't understand, there's a lot of unknown, I miss Cale, but I trust the Lord 100% (or at least really try hard everyday too!) with every part of this, no matter how long it takes.


  1. Kathy Beckett8/23/10, 6:26 AM

    Kathleen, What a beautiful place for a family outing...even if you did have your hands full! You all three look so wonderful - Basil has really grown, your tan looks great, and it is obvious that Cale has put on some weight and looks very handsome! I will be praying for God to supply both you and Cale with the energy and enthusiasm to continue along this journey. In our SS lesson this week I was moved by Is. 52:12 that says, "But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard." Only God can GO BEFORE us and also be our REAR GUARD. I love that promise that we are surrounded by his love and protection. I hope Cale has a fabulous week...since I know that will mean that you do, too! Love you!

  2. Beautiful girl,
    You and your man are looking goooood!! So great to see him being silly and see his personality coming out. Looks like a great spot you had for your outing.So glad that you have Basil and Cale remembers him. Such a good doggy.. I know it really is a long struggle Kathleen but there are people praying for you every day and pulling for you both every step of the way.
    We love you both,
    Charlie and Jean


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