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Monday, August 9, 2010

Oooooh Jeepers! We got it back!

Our Monday started off with a bit of excitement! Colonel Sutherland came to visit the facility today. His card reads "Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff" yikes! He's an important guy! A pretty nice guy too. He was a fan of Cale's Detroit Red Wings stuff on the walls :) That was fun listening to him talk hockey with Cale. He spent some time just with the families making sure that we were all happy and had everything taken care of. I was impressed with how easy going of a man he was with such an intimidating position! Fun stuff.

I talked with RT today and asked when we would be able to start the process of Cale getting to go on outings. She said that a few things would need to happen, but that she'll make it known that it's a goal for us. Well, about 15 minutes later, she was back and said that for PT they would start working on car transfers! Oh yeah! Woohoo!!! This made the wife VERY happy! :) PT did the first transfer and then I did the next. We're going to try again tomorrow and hopefully by the end of the week, Rebecca (RT), Cale, and I will be heading out in the town! I think the first place will be the park. I'm so super excited! Like, crazy excited! It means that not too far from now, it will be just me and Cale on a date! Ahh!

He's pretty happy about it too!

Another really big, amazing, wonderful thing today, Cale and I laughed together! It was a perfect moment! We were in his room playing Chutes and Latters, which again, it's extra special just the fact that we were playing a board game...and just like before the accident, we started laughing! He was laughing with me! Saturday when he laughed, it was short and just a tiny bit of voice at first, but today we laughed together so much! His voice was in and out and even surprised him a little! I'm hoping that with him realizing he has voice, that maybe he'll start using it! Another thing I just am so excited for (and trying to stay patient!) is hearing his voice! Even some noises would be splendid! Two things that Cale and I happen to be professionals at when it's the two of us is, laughing together and kissing each other...we now have both of them back!

I am in total awe of all God is doing. His love for me, for Cale, for His children, never ceases to amaze me. He is so faithful and always provides exactly what I need. So many things are going on that just bring me to my knees over and over in how great God is and how with out Him I could not survive. He is my every breath. Tomorrow I've asked all of you to join me in a day of prayer and being brave and going a day with out food (or whatever else you've decided to fast) for Cale's recovery. For those of you that are joining me, thank you so incredibly much. All of your encouragement, continued prayers, cards, emails, messages-all of it, has helped so much the last 6 months. You've ALL truly blessed me.

If God hadn't been there for me, I never would have made it. The minute I said, "I'm slipping, I'm falling," your love, God, took hold and held me fast. When I was upset and beside myself, you calmed me down and cheered me up. (The Message from Psalm 94)


  1. Wonderful!Grate to hear your wonderful progress!Miss you both! Michele & John & Alexis

  2. Chris C Ables8/10/10, 6:58 PM

    Its truly amazing, on the way home today on the radio they were talking about praising God 24-7, 365 days a year, for eternity non stop, some think that is a selfish God, no way look at what God has done, he is the creator, the healer, the one and only true God, he is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last Is. 41:4

  3. Pretty soon you will be able to come here for a visit... Praise God that Cale is doing so well and he got to meet a fellow Wings fan.
    Love you honey...
    Jean and Charlie

  4. Hi Kathleen, I continue to read your posts every night and continue to be in awe of both you and Cale. Laughter and kisses - what could be better. By the way, I am also a Red Wings fan (born in Detroit) - Cale is the coolest!

    One of your friends you've never met,
    Lisa B.


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