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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This hard work takes some muscles!

Cale and I were sitting outside this afternoon, enjoying the sun. I had my Bible and when I first opened it and asked if he wanted me to read to him, he nodded no. After I read for awhile I asked again, this time he nodded yes. I read Proverbs 16 and when I was all done, I read 16:3 again "Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will succeed." Cale is working so hard every day, he's so exhausted. He pushes himself to a point, but makes it very clear when he's done with something. I was able to encourage him with this verse and how all this hard work that he's doing EVERY day, if we as husband and wife commit ALL of it to the Lord then our plans will succeed. It was so great getting to discuss and encourage him with scripture! I love it!

Speaking of hard work, in OT this morning, they worked some more with strengthening Cale's right arm. He has so much trouble with it. Monica gave Cale a set of weights, her a set (so he could see what she wanted him to do), and I grabbed a set too! It didn't matter that my set was only 2 pounds, at least I picked some up! :) Got to get us some muscles!

In speech today, Patricia tried several different things for Cale to swallow. Nothing. He's really good now if we give him cues he'll swallow right away if nothing is in his mouth, but as soon as she puts something in, he holds it at the front for a second and then spits it right out. I'm having to remind myself everyday that it will just takes time.

Thank you again for everyone that joined with me in prayer and fasting for Cale today! I know that when we fast and commit it to the Lord, He will honor it! It's also a special day because today is Kathy's (Cale's mom) birthday!

Happy Birthday!


  1. hey this is jennifer and michael. we wanted to let u guys know that we are thinking of you both and that cale has a good recovery and not to give up and we have blackfoot idaho praying for you. as well as us. take care and God Bless

  2. Kathleen,
    It is so fun to read about the new things Cale is doing. We continue to pray for a full recovery - I can't wait (like you) until he starts to talk to you! But, going out is HUGE!! How awesome. I look forward to reading about your future dates!


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