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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Visit to the Garden

I woke up this morning, and rather than jump in the shower and get to the hospital as fast as I could, I spent time with just me and Jesus. I didn't want to pay attention to the clock or think about getting to Cale, I only wanted to sit at my Father's feet. Every day is so crazy busy here; feels like non-stop, but I always try so hard to make time with the Lord priority. I'm guilty of too often, thinking about all that needs to be done, or trying to squeeze in time rather than "just being".

Please take the time to watch this video. I watched it a couple times in NC after the accident and it's just amazing. The video was done by Hillary Hopper and the song was done by Jenny Hopper. They are both beautiful wonderful women and I love them so much!

James 5:11 (the Message) says that God cares right down to the last detail. I had to press in to the Lord even more today. I spent some extra time through out the day, reading his letters to me, talking with Him, listening to what He wants my heart to hear. When there is a time that my heart feels heavy, all I need to do is press into Him, seek Him, hand all my cares to Him because He promises in His word that if we are weary and carry heavy burden that He will give us rest. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matthew 28:30

Today ended up being such a great day! Cale is still doing so many big things! I talked with him this morning about how there are all these steps that he needs to take before he can come home with me. Through out the day, I was then able to point out all the steps he was taking!
The schedule was all mixed around today so PT was at 9 am instead of at 1. I got to the hospital right before 10am so I had missed it. Bummer! When I got to his room, Debbie (PT) had him standing in another contraption. They're still going to work with him using the walker, but this new thing will give him more independence. He walked around for so long today, and when we asked if he wanted to sit, he said no! the goal is that he will be able to walk around in this through the day instead of using the wheelchair. Here's a short video of him walking...all by himself!!!

In OT Cale was writing with his right hand! I had to hold back his left hand only a couple times, but for the most part he was doing so well! It's so crazy to think that a few weeks ago, he wouldn't use his right hand at all! When he was all done, I even asked him what hand he did all that work with and he said his right hand. When I told him how great that was he said "Yay!"

Here's Cale tracing numbers...

In ST he ate some more peaches and drank some more milk. Tomorrow Patty said she was going to have him on mechanical soft trays so that maybe he'll want to eat with a different consistency. I bought him a few things to try, so we'll see! I'm wondering if he's not going to eat until he can have a steak!

On Wednesdays he has a group session that is RT and ST combined. Last week they played Go Fish and today was round 2. Cale is getting a lot better and talking on his own with out cues of what to say. It's fun seeing the group play together! Cale seems to really enjoy it! He tied with Ben today, they both got 5 matches! :)

When I was at the store picking up a few more things for Cale to try, I had grabbed a few things from the baby isle. They have small containers and the perfect consistency for what Cale needs. The cashier asked me how old my baby was...I think at one point that would have felt like a horrible kick in my gut and so sad to me when I had to reply that it was for my husband, but today, it filled my heart with so much hope! One day, I will be able to say it's for my baby! I'm not sure if the baby will be from my tummy or some other persons tummy, but I do know Cale and I will have a baby some day! The look on her face was quite unforgettable though...haha!

Tonight was Bingo! I've been going to the Wednesday night Bingo since July 28th. The first time I brought Cale with me, he lasted about 15 minutes. The next time it was about 25 and he was way past done. Another time he stayed the whole time, but the week after he stayed like 5 minutes. Last week was the first week that he stayed the whole time and played! He didn't just sit there and get over stimulated, he actually played! He even called out "Bingo!" when he got one. He went again tonight! It's so much fun playing with him! He loves it! It's another reminder of how far he's come, something that was just me going for awhile, he now gets to enjoy it too :)

*I figured out how to do the videos the right way...go me! ;)

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  1. I discovered your story through Ben and Katies. I want you to know that I am praying for you and your husband. He is a very lucky man to have such an amazing, godly woman by his side. I pray that you continue to have strength during this time, and for a speedy recovery so that he can go back home with you soon.


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