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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Working Hard to get Home!

Have you ever been in the middle of doing something and all of a sudden this crazy idea pops in your head, and you suddenly feel like you have to do it? Well, that's what happened to me while I was getting ready this morning. I could feel my breath get heavier and my mind started to turn-very quickly. There's a couple things that my heart has been trying to figure out lately and I started to just go ahead and make my own plan. Something needed to be done so I better just do it. Well, as my mind was going, the conversation with the Lord started...Lord, is this you? I have a few verses in my bathroom that are there for me to read while I'm getting ready for the day. As my heart started to pound I looked up, and there were a couple verses that said exactly what answered the sudden craziness in my head. Ok...change of plans (nothing new!). Before I left for the hospital I was reading my bible and another very important scripture stuck out.

Amos 7:14-15 But Amos replied, “I’m not a professional prophet, and I was never trained to be one. I’m just a shepherd, and I take care of sycamore-fig trees. But the Lord called me away from my flock and told me, ‘Go and prophesy to my people in Israel.’

There's another thing that I've been praying about and have been telling God over and over "I can't do that!", "I'm not special enough!" and "I never went to school for that" but if I look at the notes in my Bible, next to that verse, I wrote a few years ago, it says "The Lord wants to use me and can for His glory, even if I don't think I'm special or know everything." I was reminded that I just have to be obedient. When I take the time to listen and obey, God is faithful and whatever it is that He's calling me to do, He's already prepared me. It was a full hour of lots of stuff in my head, but I feel like I've gone another step in my walk with Jesus. :)

Before Cale's therapy's started, we had a very special phone call. Deirdre (ST), Carolyn (OT), and Susan (PT), from WakeMed in NC have been staying updated with Cale's progress and also had sent the ice cream maker. They are three special women in my life. They saw my good days and my bad days, saw me smile and cry. They jumped up and down with me and heard all of my squeals! Today, Cale talked with each one of them. I know he doesn't fully understand and I tried to explain a little with him before the phone call and after, but to know that they were such a huge part in how far he's come is so great. I can't wait to take him back to Wake with me so they can see him!

Cale did so great in his therapy's today. It's amazing to look at him do some of the things that not too long ago were so hard. In OT, one of the things they did was use these close pin things and clip them to a medal bar. Last time he did this, he mostly used his left hand and when he did the few with his right hand, it was very hard and he got really frustrated. Today, he did the whole thing with his right hand and it was so easy for him! Amazing.

Also, in PT, he had to get up on all four and again, last time they had him do this, it was so hard for him he wasn't able to do what they wanted while he was up. Poor guy looked like he was so uncomfortable too. Today, he was up on all four, and he did everything that was asked! This was after he had already been standing and working so hard!

On top of him doing each therapy with out rest time, he's now walking to each therapy in his walker thing, rather than using his chair. OT and PT also had him do a lot of things standing so he was tuckered out! Here's him at one point looking very cool! His shirt says "Welcome to the Gun Show" :)

He did well but made it very clear that he was tired. For ST he didn't want to do anything but sleep and Patty and I had to talk to him quite a bit to get him to eat. He finally did and worked hard to the very end of the session. It was like that with all of his therapy's. We came up with a new thing today that seemed to help him keep going. I say "Therapy's help you get..." and Cale says "better!" and then I say "and when you get better, you get to go..." Cale finishes with "home!" He did get to try MT Dew today! It didn't go to well today, but I think a lot of it was because he was so tired. We're trying again tomorrow! He was also officially put on the new tray today. Praying he'll start eating!

I kept telling Cale that at 3:30 he would be all done with therapy and I would take him away to the Fisher House and he'd be able to nap. He loves getting to nap in my bed now so it's a big treat :) After a really good nap, we got to skype with his mom. After my computer crashed in June, I was never able to get it back on my computer, but when I tried today, there was no problem! It was so much fun! Cale loved getting to see Kathy, Dennis, and the pets! He actually understands now! So great!

When it was time to take Cale back to the hospital, he would not go! He put his feet down and would not budge. I tried to explain and he kept saying "why", "so", and "no". to everything I was saying. He wanted to stay with me and didn't understand anything different. Finally we came to an agreement and he stayed another hour...Oh the joys of voice! haha!
Thank you everyone that has been praying for all the decisions I have to be making. I can feel all the prayers! Especially this morning!


  1. Tamara L. Host9/23/10, 11:36 PM

    Hi Kathleen and Cale,
    I just wanted to let you know that my heart goes out to both of you and you continue to be in my prayers. You both show so much strength in everything you do. Cale has come so far since February. I'm so proud of both of you. My heart has been very heavy lately and it helps me when I read up on Cale's progress. Our God is so good. Keep smiling...

  2. Kathleen " For I know the plans I have for you... plans to give you hope and a good future-" Jer 29:11

    Many times God speaks something to us and we immediatly think that We can't do THAT - BUT God is amazing in his timing, We sees things He spoke years ago come to fruition now and for us we are looking back remembering when that word was given to us, BUT God - sees it as a natural progression and time is not anything to Him... Everytime I hear you say something about Caleb's therapy, his progression, his healing I think this girl is BRILLIANT because you can take what is being said and relate it back to others in a way they can understand! Spiritually I see that same "Brilliance" You are opening up verses in new ways, God is using you and the Brilliance I see is His light shinning out of you - like a diamond that is under pressure and after much buffing grows bright with luster - that is what I see in you. May you continue to move forward in ALL God calls you to ~ may you hear his voice louder than any neigh sayer out there - Believing for his TRUTH to continue to be revealed in you - Love you ! So happy to see Caleb moving in the direction of wholeness Jan and I continue to pray for him daily and also for Adam and Amy (do they have a blog as well?).
    I love to see the way God is moving things around and positioning BOTH of you for his purpose and plan and His glory to be revealed through you in so many ways - much like that diamond the light is not reflected once but over and over by the many facets of the stone - Be blessed Kathleen ! Continue on Lv You Guys !!!! Reenie Bovier

  3. So Wonderful to hear the wonderful progress, are you both coming to N.C. Hope to see you!, Love Michele & John & Alexis, you'll meet Casey, call us.

  4. I am so blessed by every update that you give. Through the hard times and the very difficult times that make you want to scream, you press on and focus on God. You are an amazing woman and there is NO doubt that God is going to use you to do great things! I think he already is. My family is praying for Cale and you and we love seeing the answered prayers. We also have cards that my kids made that we will be sending out in the beginning of next week. You are truly an inspiration and I know that God is going to bless you in a mighty way! Kylie Jones


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