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Friday, September 24, 2010

Walking on Sunshine!

The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior! Psalm 18:46

I can hardly keep my eyes open, but I have to stay awake long enough to share a little about the day...

This morning I went to ride horses like I do every week. Last week I started trotting(which was fun!) and today, I was cantering! Katie came to ride today so she would get her horse going and then my horse, who was wanting to be lazy, would get going. It was so much fun! I gave Katie and Joanna(the trainer) quite a laugh, but yikes! There's a lot going on at once when you get going! It's such a blessing to have that little time away from the hospital and have fun on a horse! Towards the end, my horse Ranger, bucked me! It happened so fast, but at least I stayed on! When I got to the ranch today, Joanna had brought me a pair of boots! By the time the session was over, she said I earned them :)

My first pair of boots :)

After riding, I got back to the hospital as fast as I could so I only missed the first few minutes of PT. Pat had Cale do a few things on the bars, got him on the bike, and then it was time for walking. He was using the normal walker, and this time he let go of Cale...completely! Yep! You read right :) Cale was walking all by himself! For the most part whenever Cale would lose his balance, he was able to fix it on his own! It was so amazing to see and only one of the super great things of the day!

Tomorrow is another exciting day with a really fun outing planned! Can't wait to show pictures!!

Good night! :)


  1. Randi Stump,

    I just wanted to let you know how encouraging you have been to me during this time in my life. I am the woman from NY who is going through something very similar with my husband. You actually sent me a card, I did write you back, don't know if you got it, but you need to know I DO know what you are going through. The pictures you are posting look very much like ones I have of my husband RIGHT now! He was hurt in a horseback riding accident. He was in a rodeo for a kids' camp that I help run and his horse tripped and fell. His head took the brunt of the fall and he also broke his back. I see you are taking lessons yourself. We are VERY big horse people and I like your boots!!! They look like Ariats (I have a pair almost like that!!) They will take a few days to break in, but nice once they do!! I just NEED you to know that you are helping me so much right now by just me reading your posts and sharing scripture and just being so strong. My husband and I are believers and love the Lord very much. This, as you know, is so hard, but the Lord REALLY does supply all your needs. I feel like I know you so well even though we've never met. Maybe it's b/c I am crying the same cries that you do at night, in the shower, in the car and many other places at times. I also know what it's like to have to completely trust the Lord right now and that's not always easy.

    You have a friend here in NY praying for you and loving you through this. Our story is on Facebook ( I wish I had a nice fancy page like this, but with 2 little kids at home, it's so hard to always post :0) under "Praying for Graham Stump", just if you want to read it, and maybe be encouraged too! I don't want you to think I'm comparing our've been doing this MUCH longer than I have, we're only in about 2 months, but I still am feeling all the same things and just know I'm praying!!!

    Love, Randi Stump

  2. Thank you soo much for letting us all know about everything!! All the progress, all the set backs, all the exciting and wonderful moments you guys have! I really appreciate it! It really brightens my day knowing how happy you are and how positive you have been through the hardest of times! I love you very much!

  3. Love those boots, girlfriend! I also love to see that guy of yours walking all by himself!!! I'm now doing some squeeling!! Love, Julie

  4. I am SO proud of both you and Cale, you two are so amazing!!!!
    Kim Gilhuly


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