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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Awestruck by the Lord

K: "I'm so proud of you Cale!" C: "Why?" K: "Because of all that you're doing and how you're working so hard everyday" C: "Do you want to know why?" K: "why?" C: "Because I love you."

Today started out really good! When Dr. Howe came in this morning, she said she wanted to do something a little different. The session was going to be a time of formal questioning to see if Cale understood what it meant for me to be Power of Attorney. Right after getting to Palo Alto, I had talked to Dr. Howe about this and she said that it was most likely going to be a long time before Cale was able to understand the questions and give a honest answer with realizing what it all meant. Well, I've been working hard with Cale for a very long time asking about POA and if he knew what it meant. I would always get done explaining it, and then ask him is POA a document or cupcake...he would answer cupcake. Probably because I was asking for it, and he knew I'd be asking for the sweets! haha!

Well, after all the questions asked (one of them being if I ran to Mexico with all of his money would he still sign), she cleared Cale for signing and legally making me his POA!! Some of you know how much I went through in NC with all of that, and for those of you that don't-just know it was the hardest part of all of this! Awful. So...tomorrow or Monday, we'll be signing documents and finally that part will be behind us! This is another mountain we've climbed! I feel like I should have very in shape legs for all the climbing we've been doing! :) It was great to get that part taken care of, but the blessing was even better than just that! Cale is at a point in his recovery that he can make the decision! Amazing!

In OT Cale played a computer game! It was pretty cool to watch him. It was a very simple learning game that he had to do some math, memory, and something else. I was impressed at how well he was doing. After playing he said he felt horrible. Poor guy! I asked why and he said it was hard. I asked a few questions and got it out that he was frustrated that it was hard, when it should be easy. This is another step of him becoming more aware and learning his disability's.

In ST Patty did the testing, but it didn't go over so good. It was right after OT and Cale had gotten wiped out from the computer so for testing, he was already done. He started it though. I was sitting there trying not to get worked up about it. It's okay no matter what he does, good or bad. Obviously I want him to do good, but He's in God's hands and the test isn't going to decide his future. Thinking of that helped calm the developing volcano that was minutes from exploding in my heart. When she decided that Cale was too tired to continue with good results, she worked on something for our outing tomorrow. It's going to be fun!

There was a ship on it's way to Tarshish. Along the way a violent storm filled the sea and sky and threatened to send them all to the bottom. In a panic they started throwing whatever they could find overboard to make the ship lighter. There was a man name Jonah sleeping so soundly through the whole storm. "Wake up!" How can you sleep at a time like this?" They asked Jonah to pray to God and ask for mercy. Jonah had run the other direction that God had wanted him to go, and knew that it was him that was causing the storm. He told the men and had them throw him overboard-as soon as they did, the storm stopped and the sea was calm.

In verse 16 it says, The sailors were awestruck by the Lord's great power, and they offered him a sacrifice and vowed to serve him. Jonah 1:16 My prayer is that through this storm and miracle after miracle that God is working, that people all over the world would be awestruck by the Lord's great power. That day that God calmed the storm, lives of the men on the ship were forever changed. I pray that our life, this journey we're walking would cause lives to be forever changed.


  1. Heather Favret10/7/10, 12:14 AM

    Seeing Cale struggle with the realization of what has happened to him is so bittersweet... But, I do know this is a good thing because it means he is getting better! You have been faithful to the Father, and He is being faithful to you. I am always so encouraged by your posts! Have fun in Mexico ;) hee hee hee

  2. Praise God, I know what this hurdle was like for you and I am so happy to know that it will finally be crossed! What a relief that you wont have to go through that again! He is so faithful!
    Love and miss you!

  3. Glory to God!! I am so glad that God has answered that specific prayer! I so enjoy reading your posts and am so encouraged by your constant faith during this time. I think of you often!
    -Abby Littlefield

  4. Kathleen!! I rejoice with you in Cale's healings. You are seeing with Father's eyes in that you were able to see the "frustration" as part of the healing process. I love you, and pray for you as oft os I think of you. Marion Hansen

  5. It is so bittersweet to hear him say he is sad cause it was hard, but then that means he is in there and understands!! WHOO HOOO!!! I am so proud of both of you!

    God Bless and Stay strong!
    Casey Quillman (Ehrsam's aunt)

  6. Barbara McKeon10/7/10, 12:07 PM

    We are so happy for you and Cale. I told my husband Tom about Cale playing a computer game, and he laughed. He couldn't do it himself!! He is not a nerdly person. But that taste of gaming should make Cale, who is a nerd, get the bug of winning at a game again. Isn't the Lord Great!!!
    His power is unimaginable, and so often we are the sallors in Jonah's boat who were in the dark as to what to do! Thank you for your posting these on the web. Wonderful. Praise God.


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