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Friday, October 1, 2010

Hear Hear! to another great month!

It's October! Yikes! Last night and today, I've been looking back at ALL that has happened this last month and all that my amazing husband conquered!

-He counted money for the first time. Not just counted, but had to pretend to purchase objects, which meant having to really figure out the right amount to give from all the coins and bills in his hand.
-When he was still just using his breath to talk, he started responding on his own with out having to first be told what to say.
-He was cleared to have ice cream with me and with out the therapist.
-He was cleared for me to transfer him to the Honda with out supervision!
-He set a new record of standing all by himself for 8 minutes!
-In church, he got to do the Lord's Supper with me
-He started using VOICE!!
-After voice came, he quickly got to the point of sharing some of his own thoughts
-Went on first outing with out therapist
-Started to eat real food in ST
-Sang in church
-Started reading
-Added playing Wii into the list of games he can tolerate
-We got away from the hospital JUST the two of us
-He was added to the list to receive meal trays
-He walked with me and the walker-with out Pat!
-He started being able to play Bingo on Wednesday nights
-Patty added thin liquids to therapy
-He went to the airport and surprised his mom!
-Turned 24 :)
-Reached and completed both birthday goals
-Watched his first movie
-Called me "Girl" which is a biggie for me!
-He used his hockey stick (very well!) in PT
-Gets to use large walker independently around unit
-Started group sessions
-In OT he was able to do all the clips with his right hand (I wrote about this a couple weeks ago)
-He was actually able to participate during Skype with his mom and Dennis. Last time it was at Wake, and he didn't know that anything was happening
-He uses the regular walker all by himself!
-Had a full day out on the Bay riding a yacht
-First group outing
-Drank Mt. Dew!

Wow! There are SO many things that have happened! God has blessed us so much. I can't even believe how much has happened...yay! Thank you so much for all of your prayers! As you can see...they're helping! :)

Tomorrow I'm leaving for 3 days. This is my first time away from Cale with out seeing him at some point during the day. I know that it's good for me to go, but that doesn't mean it makes it easy. I took a really sweet video of him tonight that I plan to watch over and over and over again :) Katie invited me for a little weekend getaway so off we go! Please be praying that I will come back refreshed and ready for the next month that's in front of us.

Next week I have 3 big meetings and will be super busy trying to figure things out, digging into what possibilities there are, getting caught up on Cale time, and still trying to focus on sitting at Jesus' feet and resting in Him.

Cale did extremely well on eating today! He ate 90% of his breakfast and cleared his plate at lunch. Dinner he didn't do so great, but that's okay! He did so good with the first two meals that they didn't have to give him anything though his tube! If he keeps up the good eating, that darn tube will be coming out soon! Woohoo!

I'll be writing again on Tuesday!


  1. Praise the Lord!!! My prayers continue to be with you all! Enjoy your time away although I am sure it will be hard to do!

    Casey Q

  2. Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that lifts and sets us free, The automobile accident won't have him bound, Jesus Glory all to see!!!!!!! Kathleen I get so excited when I read your blog, continue to pray for both of you each day. Caleb is more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ and I am exspecting a complete and total healing. Love to you and Caleb! Reenie Bovier

  3. Kathleen, I am blessed at how far Father has brought Cale. This is just the beginning of the great things to come. I am VERY glad you have Katie, who understands, and to do things with. You have a G R E A T time away. I will trust with you, that you come back refreshed and ready to march on in the walk Father sets before you. Marion Hansen

  4. been following this blog for you and Cale since almost the beginning. im amazed by his recent progress. pray it keeps up! doesnt seam like cale is done making progress yet either!


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