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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Best Gifts

The top secret project was revealed today...

Oh my goodness! Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?! I cried. Never in my life have I gotten such sweet cards for my birthday. I love them! His OT said he did a lot of it by himself! He picked out what he wanted and even cut some of it!! All the writing is his, with a tiny bit of help for him to trace. Wow! So perfect :)

Usually on Sunday mornings, I've been watching church online while Cale is in therapy. Our church in NY is online live, which is so great! My internet isn't the best here at Fisher House, so it cuts out a lot, but it's still so great. This morning, I got showered and ready before church started, and headed to the hospital so Cale could join me :) He didn't have therapy until 9am, so it was perfect timing.

After therapy was over, we jumped in the car and drove to a mall near by. The plan was that Cale was going to help me pick out a cute outfit for my birthday, but we didn't have too much luck. He did pick out one cute shirt for me though! I really like it too! There was another shirt that I liked, but Cale took one look at it and said, "Gross." Haha! I set that one back down...! There were lots of people and it was so loud; both got to Cale pretty quickly. It was still fun to get out of the hospital and hang out. We had lunch in the food court-Cale already had made up his mind! He wanted pizza!

On the way back to the hospital, we started a new game. We took turns, one of us would try to think of something and give clues and see if the other could guess it. We've done it in therapy (and I think there's a board game like that? Taboo maybe?) before. We had SO much fun! We laughed so hard at some of our guesses and some of our clues! It's extra fun playing with Cale because part way through the game, he sometimes would forget the word that I was supposed to be guessing! That made us laugh even more!

There was a Red Wings game on today that we had to get back for, so the mall was short lived. Totally fine for both of us :) Right after the game, we had dinner at Olive Garden! Yum! It was super yummy and we stuffed ourselves :) What did Cale have...? Pizza! Haha! It's one of the only things Cale is eating right now!

It was such a special birthday! Cale made me feel so special and so did all of my friends and family! Thank you for ALL the birthday wishes! I loved getting comments and texts, emails, and calls! The staff here at the hospital even gave me a card signed from everyone. I feel so blessed! Another really special thing today was so many people saying "Happy Birthday Leena!" Leena has been my nickname since before I could talk! It felt like a piece of home with me today. Cale never called me Leena, even before we were dating, so when we moved to NY, I just didn't hear it as much. It was so special for today!

The best birthday gifts really are the ones that are so simple and personal. I've always loved homemade gifts or times that Cale would draw me a picture in a card. Today, one of the best gifts was getting to spend it with my husband. We had such a fun day, and I treasured every moment! Here is his birthday song to me! :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Kathleen! Thanks for the awesome card you sent out to everyone - it's on our fridge. Continuing to pray in Jesus Christs' wonderful, powerful name.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Kathleen! Glad you had such a memorable day!


  3. Love that Caleb made it special for you ~ Still being the husband who loves his wife like Christ loves the church ! Happiest Birthday to you ! Reenie

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Kathleen! I'm so glad you had a great day, Jean

  5. Happy Birthday Kathleen!! I have been reading here and there and it is amazing to hear all the things Cale is doing! Walking by himself, tying his shoes, writing, singing! We got your prayer card and will continue to pray. I am so sorry I have been out of touch. Please know we have not forgotten or stopped praying! My Caleb still asks about you and Basil a lot! I will continue to read, expecting there to be a little Isaiah Darling one day too! Our new addition is Rebekah Anne. She is almost 2 months already! Time flies!! I am praying specifically for FULL recovery, and for the surgery coming up. Love to you!!!

  6. Happy Birthday, sweet Kathleen. I enjoy your friends music videos. I know Father will bless you especially well this year. He has only the best for you. You honor Him and He honor's that. I love you, Marion

  7. A belated happy birthday to you, Kathleen! (Mine is the 3rd!) It sounds like you had a very special day, and you deserve it! I feel very honored to pray for both you and Cale, a lovely young couple I've never even met--God is amazing, connecting prayer warriors through the internet, isn't He? :-) May the rest of January be a time of growth, joy, and progress for Cale, and his sweet wife! ~Jill in CA


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