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Saturday, January 1, 2011

January, we welcome you!

This is what 2010 has done to us...

Or have we always been this way? ;)

Yay for January 1st! As soon as I walked in Cale's room, I knew it was going to be a great day. First, we got Cale out of bed and I helped get his teeth brushed and hair combed. Then, we climbed back in bed to watch a movie! Almost every movie we watch, if Cale is able to follow and pay attention, he'll answer any questions that are asked, and talk to them as if they're in the same room with us. I've been accused of doing this before...haha! Well, today we watched Daddy Daycare and a little girl in the movie asks the three men, "Where do babies come from?" Cale immediately started to give his version to her! Haha! He started with "A woman" and then continued on! Heehee! I'm very relieved that he remembers that part of life! ;)

A big deal for the day...after our movie, I handed Cale his shoes to put on so we could get up for the day. He has been putting them on himself and then still needs a tiny bit of help with tying. I started to do something on the computer, and when I turned back to help him, he had already tied it!! With out any cues or help at all!!!!! It was so, so, so, SO awesome! He still struggled quite a bit later on, but at least he did it! Gosh, it was so great to turn around and already see such a nice tied shoe. Praise God!

We played cards for a little while and then we had a couple special visitors! Cpt Lanning and her husband Jordan came to visit! When Cale first got to Drum, she worked with him, and also had to deal with him on both deployments...he told me so many stories of how they would mess with her and play tricks on her all the time! It was so special to have her come! We went to lunch at In N' Out for their first experience :) When I asked Cale this morning where we should go for lunch he said "burgers!" A couple months ago, she had sent a really sweet email sharing things about Cale that she remembers. Here is a little bit of her email, that brought tears to my eyes and still does!

I will always remember a few things about Caleb, one the amount of junk he could eat and still lose weight, how good he was on the computer, his devotion to the Lord, and how much he loved(s) you. He was so proud to be your husband and talked of you each day, and I am certain the main priority and highlight in his day was talking to you. I am not surprised at all, that one of his strongest points is loving you, and he always will.

Thank you Jordan and Cpt Lanning for taking the time to come see us today! It was so special!!

Once we were back from lunch and said our good byes, Cale and I headed to the Fisher House. We had a sweet time and took a much needed nap together :) I had to wake him up to get back to the hospital for dinner. The first words out of his mouth were "so good!" How sweet! I was saying the same thing! It's such a blessing to be able to fall asleep in his arms and wake back up in them too! Love it!

An amazing moment happened tonight. We had already brushed Cale's teeth and had him tucked in bed. We spent some time reading a devotional and praying for the New Year and his surgery coming up. After, I started talking to him about all the miracles we got to be a part of the last year. I was telling him about how many things he couldn't do, and how for so long, he just laid there doing nothing. Cale looked at me and said "I was still breathing." Wow! It is such a miracle that Cale is breathing! There was a point (more than one if I'm correct) that he had stopped breathing-every breath is a blessing!

We kept talking about it, and he wanted to know about the accident. I started from the very beginning when he first deployed, when he came back, our time in NY, the couple days before the accident, and then the day of, and all that I remember. Cale asked if he could punch the kid that pulled out in front of us...I think this isn't the best idea, but I can imagine that he might be feeling like that!

I continued talking about how that was all last year, and how this is a new year and all the things we have to look forward to with him healing. Some of what we talked about was finally being able to go home, taking a trip/vacation, and walking on his own. When I said the last one, he quickly responded with "I'm scared. How? How do I do it?" I told him he just needed to stop being afraid and just walk. Cale said "Ok, let's do it!" So, I grabbed his shoes, got him out of bed, and stepped away from him. "Walk to me" and he did! He walked from the bed to his door and then back to his bed with out ANY help and a HUGE smile on his face! He walked! He put his fear aside and showed me that he can do it! Oh my goodness!!! Of course tears came to my eyes instantly and I hugged him so tight. He's my man! Ahh!!! What a way to start this year eh? I'm typing so fast right now I feel like I could get up and sprint a mile! My man walked. Amazing. get him to do it again! Like everything else that he does, once he does it one time, eventually he'll repeat it over and over! Yeh!!!

Many, LORD my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare. Psalm 40:5

I know Christmas is over, but I just found this picture of Cale from his first deployment. Him and one of his buddies, Lee, had made their own Christmas tree. When he sent me the picture and had told me about it, I thought it was such a great thing! He couldn't be home, but wasn't going to let that stop them from having a good Christmas! So great :)


  1. Oh, my friend, My heart is so full. I will trust Father to give you a hug for me. Tell Cale I am so proud of him. I am so pleased you had some of Cale's Army friends come by for a bit. Cale spoke real wisdom when he said it was a blessing he was breathing. Father has used you so many times to show me what I have to be thankful for. A hug and much love, Marion

  2. Wooo Hooo!!! NO cues to tie, walking on his own!!!! I have really been struggling with some things lately, and reading your blog has been such an encouragement to me...even when you talk about the tough stuff. I know you are plowing forward, and it encourages me to do the same :) Thank you so much! And when I hear the great stuff that Cale is doing, it brings tears to my eyes... heather

  3. Charlie and Jean1/2/11, 7:16 AM

    AMAZING!!!!!!!! Just AMAZING!!! That's all I have to say today...Hahaha.. I could go on and on as I am want to do but that is my word for the day. You both are just AMAZING!!! MMMMM. Love you!!!!

  4. Kathy Beckett1/2/11, 8:37 AM

    What a terrific start to 2011! I can just imagine what we are going to be reading at the close of this year as we compare Cale's list of accomplishments... What a blessing! Happy New Year to the Darlings! Love to you both.

  5. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO CALE!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so happy for you guys! Happy New Year!!!
    Mandy Anderson

  6. What a great start to the new year. That picture at the end of this post is so sweet. I can't wait to see where God leads you both this year - we serve an amazing Father.


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