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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A bow and arrow

Remember how I wrote last night that Cale has been calling people? Between 5am and 8am this morning, he called my phone 9 times! When I got to the hospital this morning, the first words out of my mouth were, "It's a good thing I love you!" Haha! Before I left tonight, I worked out a morning plan, so we're testing the memory! I'll let you know how it goes... ;)

After getting Cale ready for the day, Dr. Howe came in to do Neuro Psych. I left right away to have coffee with a very sweet friend I've met here. Her husband has a brain injury, but is much farther a long in time and in progress. I love so much getting to talk to her. I wish I could pack her in my bag and take her with me! I wish that about a lot of people so be careful...! I found Dr. Howe later to find out how Cale did in therapy and she said he did great! She's still working on the PTA testing, and today he got an 87! Yesterday he got a 74. The great thing was that she said he answered each question quickly! I think it might have helped that I wasn't there. I always hate to admit that, but sometimes he just does better with her with out me hanging around. I think the other therapy's he does just fine with me, and sometimes better, so at least I'm not getting kicked out of all of them!

I had mentioned to Patty yesterday how Cale has become very interested in sign language. For ST, she used it! I love so much that I mentioned something to her, and she knew that it's something Cale is interested in, so she included it. It meant so much to me! Cale was having fun too! He was working on word finding (he's gotten so much better at this!) and spelling on top of signing! He's been asking me lately what words mean. This morning he asked what "so much" meant. At first, I was thinking how sad it is that something so basic, confuses him and he doesn't understand. How many other things do I say that he doesn't know? Then, I realized how great it is that he's asking! He realizes now that he doesn't know, and initiates to find out. This is so amazing! A huge deal in the recovery process is initiation, and I can see it happening so much more lately! Yay!

We were supposed to have a teleconference with Seattle today, but it was cancelled. We haven't found out when it's going to be rescheduled. Hopefully soon because they're supposed to be giving us our date to leave. I found out today that we're going to be going commercial, so instead of continually being delayed and then taking 3 days to get there, like last time, it'll be a nonstop flight!

Since the meeting was cancelled, we had more time for our outing today. I just want to say that I felt like a warrior princess...

Ta Da!

The Darling's did some archery! We have a friend from back home, that is amazing with the bow and arrow. I know why she loves it so much now! Cale went first, and I was so nervous for him! My heart started beating fast...oh dear. I have no idea why! Once he shot the first one, I immediately felt the excitement-that was cool! He did a couple, but very quickly his arms and back could feel the work and strength it took. He was tired. So, my turn! I would love to say that I was confident and controlled, but rather, the moment I released my fingers and the dart flew, out came a very loud squeal! Yep. That's why it only felt as if I were a warrior princess! Haha! I'm lacking in the muscle department as well. We both had so much fun! The plan is to do it one more time before we leave here!

Along with the fun of archery, we had our 0.5 second of fame tonight! I was told as we were going to the Fisher House for dinner tonight, that the VA story was going to be on NBC. It was a blast watching it with Cale! It showed all of his therapists, and Dr. Scott. It also showed of course the gym and the hospital area. Cale was saying, "Hey! Yeah! I know them!" As we kept watching, for a quick snap it showed us. Cale shouted, "Hey! Hey!" and then started clapping! :) He's great!

Just click the link below to watch! :)
*I just realized there is two clips! The second one, Cale gives Dr. Harris a hug!

Fun stuff :)

Tonight after I did Cale's nose rinse (he hates this with a passion), he was upset and said it hurt. I asked him, "On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being eh, not so bad, and 10 being the worst you've ever experienced, what would you say the nose rinse is?" Cale very quickly replied, "100." Oh my! He has NO idea what he's gone through! Haha! I would hate the rinses too. They seem so miserable.

We were cuddling in bed tonight, after turning off a pretty terrible movie, and I asked Cale if there was anything he needed. He looked at me so sweetly and said, "I have everything I need right here." Aww! Well, he manages to melt my heart, yet again! I love him so stinkin' much!


  1. My Dave used to hunt with a bow and arrow. It was kind of cool. My one son set up a target in our yard one year. The kids had a lot of fun. I've only shot the bow once or twice. The last time....well, lets just say I didn't hit the target. I continue to trust Father for you and your sweet husband. I will TRUST especially for your airprt experiance and traveling mercies. I love you and so look forward to getting to see you. Marion

  2. Hi Kathleen :-) So glad to see how well Cale is doing. Thank you so much for putting the link up to see the clip from msnbc. When I saw in the earlier blogs that you guys were on tv, I was excited to go try to find it, but what a blessing it was that you had already done the work. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am praying for you both and as others do, letting you know that your writings are not in vain. Especially when I have not had a chance to get online, I so look forward (like opening a present :-)to go to your blog to see what progress is going on. God bless and angels all around you both, Debra Ezell (Watertown..btw..I think it got down to -30 degrees here on Monday, so yes be thankful for your weather lol my pipes exploded, flooded my downstairs, broke the furnace and hot water heater from the spraying of water everywhere..BUT God, of course everything is taken care of now)

  3. Girl, you are such a good writer. I giggled almost all the way through this post! I could actually picture it. First of all - that is so funny that Cale called you so much, but your response was even more hilarious. Secondly, warrior princess squeal at times, I am positive of it. (Archery is so fun, btw!) Anyway, it's so amazing how far Cale has come in that facility. Praise God.

  4. That is super cool that he is initiating and asking what things mean! That is how we learn when we are kids... as G-d renews his mind, he is growing :) ~heather

  5. Thanks for sharing the video clips. I enjoyed seeing them!


  6. Oh, Kathleen! If only you had been in my little home office when I read "...the moment I released my fingers and the dart flew, out came a very loud squeal! Yep. That's why it only felt as if I were a warrior princess!"! I laughed so hard, I probably woke up my neighbors (it's almost 2am and I'm once again glued to your blog!). Thanks for the BIG LAUGH!


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