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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A date day...I like the sound of that!

I slept in this morning...can I just say, it was so nice?! It wasn't that I got a ton more sleep, because I didn't go to bed until after 2am, but just being able to wake up without my alarm was splendid! :) Heehee!

I took my time getting ready and then headed to the hospital. Cale had already finished PT and was in his speech group. I waited in his room and had myself a yummy bowl of granola to start the day. When he was done, he found me and greeted me with a huge smile! I will never get sick of that! Then we were off to OT. I talked with Pat about PT quickly as we were walking to the gym. He said that Cale had a great session. Not once did he say he was sad or mad, and he was smiling and laughing. Yay! Monica did a little bit of testing in OT...that kind of got to Cale, but it wasn't a big blow up, just him making it clear he was done. Monica at one point said, "I know this is a pain in your..." we were thinking Cale was going to finish with "butt", instead he said, "a pain in my brain!" Haha! So true!

We're working really hard on trying to get Cale's foot straight when he walks. Right now, his right foot turns out and this causes him to lose his balance more. He can do it, and he knows what to do, he just needs to be continually reminded. As we were walking down the hall, I started singing a little tune to help him remember, "We need a straight foot, as we're rockin' down the hall at the VA." If only you could hear the lovely tune to go with it! ;) Haha! It's quite catchy and Cale sings along!

As soon as lunch was over, we had a pass for the rest of the day! Our first stop was to Starbucks to get some yummy drinks! Then, we headed to the Bay. On the way there, we had one of those "perfect day" moments. The windows were down (my hair was blowing around like crazy!), music was on with us singing, and my hand was in his...Aww! It was beautiful outside, so we took a blanket to sit on and played cards for a long time. There were a bunch of people out enjoying the sun and a kayak race going on, so we had some fun entertainment too! After we hung out and soaked up the sun, we left to visit Alana and Kristen (the family that had been taking care of Basil for us). We're going to miss them when we leave! While we were here, we spent almost all of our holidays with them and they've been able to see and be a part of Cale's progress!

Cale has been very interested in sign language lately. I think that he's starting to remember some that he already knew. I have a book in the car about signing that I had purchased in NC. He wasn't talking at that point, so I thought it would be good to teach him. Because of his memory, that didn't work at the time. He started signing while we were driving and asked me how to do something. He reminded me that I had the book, so I had him get it and look through. He enjoyed it so much! There's a section of the book that has a bunch of words and then right next to it, it shows how to sign it. Cale started reading the words! While he was reading them, I would ask him every now and then what the word meant. His reading has gotten better, but a lot of times, if he reads the word, his brain doesn't process it. He did so great tonight! He was having so much fun and had no idea that he was learning new stuff! That's always the best, isn't it?

All of our visiting and fun worked up a pretty big appetite! For dinner we ate at Chilis. Yum! Cale has been wanting steak again, and I've been craving Chilis, so it worked out perfectly! After ordering, we were looking at the little book with how many calories were in each menu item. We found what I ordered and then what Cale ordered. His had a higher amount of calories and he said, "I win!" Haha! I think that was a time that I was totally fine with him winning! ;) It was such a special dinner. We cuddled in our booth and shared his lemonade (and fries!). I loved it! I love him.

Our date still wasn't over after dinner! When we got back to the hospital, we had time to spend in my room. So special! :) We talked about our day and how amazing it is that we get to be together. Cale wasn't the happiest camper when it was time to head to the hospital, and I can't say I was either! Neither of us wanted our sweet day to end!

Before I left tonight, Cale had another episode. It's so sad. I tried to remind him of our day and how much fun we had. He said, "With you, fun. Great! Here, dumb. Bad. I'm mad." :( I understand. Even though I'm not the one that's hurt and in the hospital, I understand. I tell him that if I could trade places with him, I would, in an instant. He thinks it's a terrible idea and says, "No way!" every time.

I'm so thankful for such a wonderful day! Especially after the week we've had! I needed it. I needed so many sweet moments with him. We both needed a super duper wonderful day. :) TBI isn't stopping this girl from living a Fairytale...I am the luckiest woman alive!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:7


  1. Kathleen,
    I would love to work with Cale on his signing when you two finally come home to Kennewick :)

    I am glad to see you both had an amazing date. Sometimes you guys are out and about more than my fiance and I! I'm jealous!! You are both so blessed to have one another!!

    I just had a thought, if you find Cale becoming more interested in ASL again, I can email you some great material including videos just for him!! My email is Even if it's not for awhile--I'm always willing. Just let me know :)

  2. You are NOT letting the cares of this world hold you down, nor are you allowing your circumstances to dictate you outlook- I love it!!!! Caleb learning sign is great! May be one of the best ideas and it came straight from him - anything someonoe is actually interested in learning helps them open more doors !!! Yea Caleb!!!!!!! Praying for you both ! (and your happily ever after ! ) love ya Reenie

  3. Kathleen, you just keep on living that fairy tale romance! If God is for you, NOTHING can be against you! Love you two!! The Hoppel's

  4. Chili's, I have never been there. You got my tastebuds started. I'm going to have to save for a dinner there:)!!!!! I AM so glad you had such a wonderful day with Cale. Father knew you needed it. I will trust for Cale to be able to give his attitudes to Father. HE (Father) is the only one we can trust them with anyway. I love you, Marion

  5. Hahaha... I just cried at Starbucks, but was smiling.... got some odd looks. You and Cale are so sweet together! Sounds like you are also enjoying Cali weather :) You both are amazing! ~ heather


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