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Friday, January 21, 2011

Smiles...the light!

My day started with dancing around my room while getting ready this morning. Yes, I had the hair brush microphone and everything! ;) My music was playing and this song came on...

So much fun! Always a good one to have on your playlist! It's fun and upbeat with so much encouragement. I love it...and I loved dancing in my pj's too! :)

Cale's day started like this...

I had walked down the hall for something and started talking to his nurse. When I came back in his room, he was as comfy as could be! I know he was wishing with all of his might that the whole day could be like that! Instead there was work to do!! I'd say, for being the wrong way in bed, he looks pretty darn relaxed.

I wanted to share a story from Cale's speech session yesterday. I wasn't there, because of meetings, but Patty left me the story to see what they worked on. It's cute!

A Story
by Cale and Patty

P: Kathleen was having a really bad day.
C: Cale walked up to Kathleen to kiss her.
P: The kiss made her feel a little better.
C: Cale was sad for her.
P: Then something amazing happened.
C: Cale looked around. Cars. Fast driving.
P: One of the cars drove right up to Cale and Kathleen
C: People jumped out of the car.
P: It turned out to be Cale's favorite hockey players.
C: Pavel Datsyuk. Cale said, "hi!"
P: Pavel told Cale and Kathleen he was taking them on a dream vacation.
C: The Red Wings games. They win!
P: After the Red Wings games, Pavel took Cale and Kathleen to Disneyland.
C: We went to the rides
P: One of the rides got stuck.
C: Cale held Kathleen still
P: They were stuck there for 3 hours
C: Cale and Kathleen went to get dinner
P: Cale picked his favorite, pizza.
C: Drinks! Pop!
P: Pavel came too.
C: (Munch Munch) I ate the pizza! Tasty!
P: The End

So...kind of exciting news! NBC was at the hospital today doing interviews and doing some filming. I'm not sure that we're going to be in it, but it's still cool that it's going to be on TV! When we were asked to be filmed, I asked Cale if he could at least pretend to be happy here. Well, a couple minutes later, the whole crew came and had to set up the cameras. Cale's memory is still under 2 minutes, so, what I had said was out the window! UH OH! While they were filming, the doctor asked Cale how he was doing. Cale said, "Sad. I hate this hospital!" Um...I don't think the Darling's are going to be on TV! haha! ;) Oh my! What an honest man I have! It's going to be on NBC, Monday night. I don't have a time, but hopefully you can check it out!

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. ~Mother Teresa

Cale smiled today. I have been getting smiles out of him over the last week, but for the most part, it was only when I was trying! He just has been so miserable that smiles haven't been coming as easily. He still had some moments today that were hard and he was angry, but his smiles through out the day-they were the light at the end of the tunnel. We may not be there yet, but I see it's coming and when it does, it's going to be a beautiful time for us! My heart quickens at the thought! We also had about 2 hours that we spent outside playing cards, talking, and laughing! It was soooo much fun! One of the staff came out and took some fun pictures of us that helped me to capture the sweet moment we were having after such a gloomy week. I'm so blessed with him. Even with the hard week, he's been extremely sweet with me! Today he looked at me and said, "You are the prettiest in the whole world! Out of everyone, all people." :)

Tonight before I left, Cale and I had such a great talk. The devotion we read tonight was talking about how Jesus suffered and how Mary suffered. It was talking about how our suffering can make such an impact and God can do mighty things through it. That reminded me of John 9:3 “It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” Jesus answered. “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him." I had been told a couple times right after the accident that it most likely happened because of sin that was in our lives, or that God needed to get our attention because of something we had done wrong. I don't believe that. I don't. Cale and I have passionately sought after the Lords will for our lives, and our desire was to serve Him. The time between Cale coming home from deployment and the accident, I could honestly say that we were more intimate with Christ then ever before. I do believe and am claiming God's word! The accident happening doesn't have to mean it was caused from anyone's sin, but because of it, God's power could be seen in us! We talked a lot tonight about what that means, and in times of us suffering (Cale angry about being in a hospital), what are some ways that we can allow Christ to shine through us. I'm praying that the words that were spoken tonight would not be gone 2 minutes later, rather, they would attach themselves to his heart and be a ready weapon in times when the battle he faces seems to be too much to handle.

The three things Caleb thought of to pray for:
1) Joyfulness (This one is neat because he's been saying happiness and then I talk to him about how through the Lord we can have joy even when we're not happy)
2) For all people to want to go to Heaven (We spent sometime talking about what that means and what needs to be done so people can go!)
3) Forgiveness for our sins (This came from our discussion on how we can allow Christ to shine through us...being disrespectful is not something that's of God)

We are so thankful for all of your prayers. I could feel them this week in so many ways! Thank you for walking this journey with us...good and bad days! You have blessed us beyond measure.


  1. I loved the picture of him upside down in the bed! Priceless
    My thoughts, seeing the pictures were to wonder if Cale has seen any pictures recently of his early days. I know he has problems with short term memory, but if he had a picture of his early days on the wall next to one of him now, perhaps he would be constantly reminded of how far he has come and what a gift he has been given. Just a thought.
    You guys are doing great!
    Vicky Scott

  2. Amen! I too love the photo of him in bed backwards... nothing like taking any moment available to rest, Cale!
    However, I too, believe that the accident was not sin but a means of God using you to show others the way to Him. He is using you guys mightily, and you'll probably never know how much, but knowing isn't what it's about. To God be all the glory... that's what it's all about!
    Praying for peace, joyfulnesss and being used by God.
    Terri W

  3. Cale upside in bed picture I really liked, He looks so comfy and relaxed. I really like the pic of you two outside wrapped in each others arms! That is priceless and you can see the love you both have for each other! We are still praying for you and I am glad that you explained that whole situation of how someone said that this happened because you must have sinned......I don't agree with that either, I believe this happened so God could shine through you guys and bring many other people closer to God while being on this journey with you both! You guys are a blessing to know.....Andrea Alvarado

  4. I loved what he said to the camera crew! Awesome:)
    It is hard when people make assumptions on why God allows something to happen. That must of been hard to hear, that makes me sad that someone said that to you. As I have been going through my own trial I realize how many lies we have been fed about Christianity. The whole thought that if we are walking with God and in His will things will be comfortable and painless,and if we aren't then it shows through illness, financial loss, ect..,is just not biblical. We are warned throughout about suffering and persecution. God uses trials and suffering to make us more like Christ and for His light to shine through us into our darkened world. It is all about His glory. Others see Christ in you as you walk through something that without Christ would make anyone fall apart. Thus His light is shining in the darkness. For me the time last year when I surrendered all to God in a way I never have is when my health feel apart. It was through my closest time to Christ I had the worst suffering. I'm very close to God right now and yet my health once again took a turn for the worst. When I have asked God about it He keeps reminding me that it serves a better purpose. (I'm not saying that sometimes sickness is not not due to sin. That too is biblical, but people seem to look over the other reasons. The enemy and for His glory alone. Also I know God at times does choose to bless us in ways of provision, healing, ect..) I totally went off on a rant, lol. I'm just frustrated with the whole prosperity gospel thinking.

    Anyways, lol. You guys are always in my prayers!

  5. People who make comments like "It was sin that caused the accident" DON'T know what they are talking about. Jesus said to walk His path we will suffer. I have a strong dislike when people sanctimoniously hide behind religiousity with statments like that. You'd never guess this is a PET PEEVE of mine, huh!?!?!! Like a tea bag, we don't know how strong we are until we are in HOT WATER. Too, gold is purified through the fire. Father knew all of our days before there was yet one of them. Kathleen, I love you and rejoice with you in Father's loving hand upon you. Hugs, Marion Oh, by the way,did you have a broom partner, along with the brush mike? :)

  6. Kathleen YOU Go girl - I love love love how you are helping Caleb remember NOT just the physical world he is a part of BUT the spiritual one as well! Also agree with Marion- the people who said those insensitive things do not know what they are talking about - All things work together for the Good of those who are called according to his purposes - He knows the beginning middle and End - But he has entrusted you with a beautiful love story that is a parellel to His love for the church. For the Lord to trust you that much my dear you MUST have been very close to his heart BEFORE the accident!!!!! Keep on keeping on Love you girl And Caleb too - praying for you !!!!! Reenie


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