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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three are better

“A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

Today was different. I'm not sure if it was just because I was able to get a little more sleep last night, I was more prepared for what's been going on, or if God was at guess is that it was all three! I walked into the hospital with a little more bounce in my step. God is good!

I wouldn't say it was a better day for Cale because he still had a really hard day, but I think it was better in the way that I was able to handle it better than before. My thought process had to change a little so that I could step back and look at what's happening with out being in the thick of it. This of course always seems to happen when I'm laying in bed at night and can't fall asleep! Things are tough right now, but we (Cale and myself) are not easily broken! When man and woman are joined together when they say "I do" there is something very spiritual that happens! God designed marriage...he designed the love between husband and wife. After He created Adam, He said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” With the Lord as our focus and the center of our lives, we are not going to be easily broken. Cale does not have to go through this hard time alone and neither do I! I will continue to love him more and more, everyday though the muck. When it gets harder, I'll be by his side. When it gets ugly, I'll love him more. When it gets dirty, I'll hold his hand. When it gets painful, I'll hug him tighter. And in every moment, the Lord is with us and never leaves!

I was in and out of several meetings today. Two of them had to do with what's going on with Cale right now. Please continue to pray for him to have peace. He's facing so much right now, in fact there's a list! We are going to be looking at meds for depression when Dr. Howe gets back next week. I'm not against the meds, but...I also believe that God can deliver Cale out of the pit! Cale is in pretty deep, and that's not an easy place to be, but I do know that God is bigger and can bring Cale out of it unharmed by the lions!

Cale did have a very exciting moment today! Pat had come in his room to get him for pt. Just a couple minutes before, Cale wasn't too excited about it...he said, "Never! I never want to go!" When Pat walked in, I knew Cale was going to be ok. He really likes Pat and seems to have a special bond with him. After they talked for a minute and Pat had Cale sit up, Cale spotted a visitor outside his door...Kovin! Cale's face changed within a second! He started waving to Kovin and saying hi. Pat helped him up and walked him over to pet his tail wagging friend. A few minutes later, Cale had the leash in his hand and took Kovin for another walk! He loves that dog, and Kovin helped make Cale's day!

(sorry it's not the best quality! I had the wrong setting on my phone!)

I was able to sit in the garden this afternoon for one of my meetings and soak up some sun! :) It was sooooo nice and needed! This evening, after all of Cale's therapy's, I brought him to my room and let him relax while I worked on a couple things. I also cooked him dinner! It didn't go over well, because he's still not wanting to eat anything, but at least it was something outside of the hospital! I also made a "To-do" list, hoping that it would help me not feel so overwhelmed, but as of right now, I didn't have a chance to cross anything off! It'll come!

What's something that I love? Flip Flops in January... :)


  1. Your faith is unwavering... I love that Kathleen. You are just who God made you to be. Thank you God!!!

    Pattie Andring

  2. Praying for both of you Kathleen! God is a great provider and he has you both in his arms! I feel for cale as he is going through this next stage with the anger, but its probably a much needed healing phase. I pray for you for extra comfort as you help him through this. I know its gotta be so very hard on you. Just lean on our Fathers shoulder! Andrea Alvarado

  3. Flip flops in it! Praying for you you. Kimberly

  4. Praying for you and Cale. I hope you have a nice day.

  5. Oh Kathleen, Father has given you a precious gift in that you are able to understand about loving inspite of...or maybe because of what is happening to Cale. You see what it takes many people half a lifetime to see. Even then they don't quite get it like you wrote it down. I love you and rejoice with what Father is doing in yours and Cales lives. Hugs, Marion

  6. Wow. His walking is fantastic...
    Praying that the one who is trying to destroy him will flee and that he will have the joy of the Lord. You will do what is best. You always do. Continued strength, peace, rest and prayers for you my sweet. We love you.
    Charlie and Jean
    P.S. Love flip-flops in January and your toes look great....

  7. Kathleen, your toes do look great. :) You guys are really on my heart and I am lifting you up in prayer. God bless you girl.


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