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Monday, February 14, 2011

Goals and Goodbyes.

I know a lot of people think Valentine's Day is fact, I've seen quite a few Facebook posts that say it, but I can't help but love the day. What can you not love about a day that involves chocolate, flowers, and I love you's? Just's sweet! Cale was never a fan. In 2008, I had planned this great night, had gotten us a little treat, made him a sweet card, and the night before V-day, Cale said, "Valentine's Day is stupid." I was so bothered by it! Like...really bothered. I fully admit, I was a little too drastic about the whole thing, but I thought, how could he not like a holiday about love? We have always been really lovey and sweet with each other anyways, and always trying to find ways to do special things for each other, but this day was about chocolate and love! ;) Well, I went to work that day and came home with ruffled feathers (this is of course if I had feathers that could get ruffled...), and decided that if he thought it was stupid then fine, that was just fine with me...yeah right!

That evening, I still gave Cale the little gift and card I had for him, but I even gave it to him with a cold shoulder. He of course knew I wasn't being myself, but he went along with the whole thing. After opening my card and gift, he left where we were sitting, ran to the guest room, and then came in with a huge box of dark chocolates and a card. Inside he had written, "Even though I think Valentine's Day is stupid, it's another day with you, so I love it." Oh gosh...Let's just say, I had some apologizing to do! Haha!

Chaplain Daniel Deaton of the Navy and Joint Chief of Staff and Warrior and Family Support came to visit today. I have to say, I think it was the perfect day for his visit! After we were introduced and talked for a couple minutes, he prayed with us. It meant so much for our last day here!

Here we are with him and Chaplain Brady!

In OT, Cale was writing the months of the year. I asked him, "What's special about March?" C: "I married you!" Monica: "Which day?" Cale guessed a day, but knew it wasn't right. Then Monica said, "Saint" and Cale finished with, "St. Patrick's Day! March 17th!" This was so great because he hasn't been able to do this yet! He has a really hard time with out cues being able to say even the month! Now only with a tiny bit of help, he was able to get the day too! :)

Then, later this evening, Kristen was telling a story about a racing game. I started to tell her the story of yesterday and Cale getting first place, but all I got out was, "Yesterday we went to" and I couldn't think of the name, but Cale remembered! He shouted, "Dave and Busters!" I was so blown away that he remembered that! Also, that he was able to connect it with racing. It was an exciting moment. Times like that, I feel like celebrating and jumping up and down, but in a car driving...that's not such a good idea!

The day was full of emotions. It's exciting that we're going, but again, it's so hard for me. Tonight Cale and I were praying together, he had finished and then it was my turn. I started praying for tomorrow and the transition. As I was praying, I started to picture all of the faces that I've met here, and the tears came. I'm going to miss everyone so much. Cale was so sweet and just held me tighter. I love that he understands now when I'm sad. Just a few months ago, I was crying and he didn't realize at all. He had no idea that I was upset or that I had tears streaming down my cheeks. I think there was a time just a few weeks ago also? Tonight, he knew. He heard my prayer, and tried to comfort me as best he could. Such a sweet treasure!

Will you be praying for him and this transition? Cale has been very set on everything being better when we leave. Today the therapist asked what he wanted to continue to work on while we're in Seattle and he said nothing. When she asked what he is going to do when we get there, he said, "skateboard." Patty: "What do you need to be able to do to skateboard?" C: "Grind." The need to be walking good doesn't cross his mind. Also, he has said in the last week that when we get to WA, he's going to snowboard, skateboard, and play hockey. Tonight I told him he'll be in a different room tomorrow night and I'll be sleeping with him. He asked me where we were staying; when I said the Seattle VA, he didn't understand. Everything that is hard, bad, or sad in his life right now, he thinks will be all better once we leave this hospital. This is the case with having to take his meds, do his nose rinses, brush his teeth, walking being hard, and so many more things. No matter how many times I'm talking to him about it, he doesn't get it. He just doesn't understand whats happened. It's going to be an interesting couple of days for him, realizing that we're still in a hospital, and things haven't changed...that much.

When we first arrived at this hospital, I came up with three goals that I really wanted to meet.
1) Swallowing-that Cale would be taking his nutrition (which has become just pizza!) through his mouth.
2)Voice-that Cale would be able to communicate with talking.
3)Bowel and Bladder control-that he would be able to initiate on his own when he needed to go to the bathroom and have control over it.

Tomorrow we leave and have just about made all three goals! I'm so proud of him! I'm still trying to put thoughts together of what my next three goals are, but how thankful I am that we've met these! The last one isn't 100%, but it's getting there!

Here is us last Valentine's Day...

Here is a few clips from today...

He was asked to show how happy he was about leaving! :)

This is amazing that he's memorizing scripture!

He's still got a powerful shot!

Crazy Huh?

What did we have for dinner our last night in California?!

Our updated countdown board...


  1. Kathleen, I will definitely be praying about this transition. I know you probably need prayer too for it. I know that God will give you strength, and I will definitely be praying for that.

  2. Praying for a smooth transition for you and Cale!


  3. Yes, Kathleen, I too, will be praying about the transition. You know it will be amazing, as Father said where two or three are gathered together and are praying in my name, it shall be done for them. You know at least Maegan, Wanda, and I will be praying.....NOT to mention all your other warriors, as well. You are amzing to be able to have posted so much just before the move. Thank you for your time. I love you, Marion

  4. My sweet girl,
    I am praying for joy for the journey. Strength for your transition and help for Cale to understand. I know you have some apprehension but I also know how much you rely on our heavenly Father to give you all you need. And in the mean time you have all of us.
    Peace, joy, happiness, and of course more success for this next phase of your life's journey.
    Charlie and Jean

  5. Praying for you both.... it is interesting that he thinks that getting back there will make everything like before... Praying that things go smoothly and for peace for Cale.

  6. PRAYING for you guys!!!!!! Love you both Reenie !


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