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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

God is God.

This morning, Cale was having a harder time swallowing than he usually does. I asked him if there was anything I could do to help, not sure what would help, but thought it might be nice to ask. He looked at me and with a smile said, “Kiss me. Always kiss me!”

Kisses always do seem to help a little :)

We’re still trying to figure out a good routine in the mornings. We’ve tried it a few different ways, and we’re going to have to keep trying. We’ll get it though! Cale’s first therapy was at 9:30 with RT. Sally the dog he met last week was here visiting. We had picked up some salami because we were told this is Sally’s favorite treat. That was no lie! She was really excited for it, and Cale had fun sharing some with her. At 10am, I had a meeting with the social worker here to discuss plans for discharge, and when that was over, I came out and was told that for 20 minutes straight Cale was petting Sally!

Next was PT. I was a little nervous about how it was going to turn out, since Cale hasn’t wanted to do any therapy here. Thankfully, Cale had a great session! First thing, Virginia put a tennis ball on the end of his hockey stick so that instead of using his cane, he can be cool and use the hockey stick! :) This gave him the biggest smile! Once that was figured out, we walked to the gym and Cale played some hockey. After a while of him shooting, Virginia set up for us to do a competition. How many goals could we each make in a minute? Cale went first and made 8 and then I went and only made 4! Of course he had to let everyone know that he won! ;) I was ok with that. It just means I need more practice!

There was still a little more time left before lunch, so Cale was put to work helping build a walker. I was surprised with how much he liked it! I think there will be more of building things to come!

After lunch was speech. Again I was a little nervous, but it ended up being great! They worked on the computer first typing and then searching Google. It was really neat to see how much he was remembering of what to do and the short cuts that he was able to do. He still needed a lot of help, but it was great to see him interested and willing to participate.

Let’s keep these good days coming!

We decided to make a trip to the store today. It was an all of a sudden decision after talking about internet with one of the staff here. Also, the battery on Cale’s talking watch (did I ever write about this?), died over the weekend, so I needed to get it changed. It’s kind of his life line right now…Well, the internet thing was a no go. I guess the thing we thought was going to work out isn’t available yet, so we’ll keep going the way we are! I couldn’t get the watch back off, so, getting a new battery will have to wait too! They said they weren’t able to do it because of liability, but Cale can’t do it either. I’m going to be in search for hands that are able tomorrow! We did get a fitted sheet for the bed, so hopefully there will be good sleep and no falling through the cracks tonight!

When we were first headed into the store, I told Cale I’d make it a really fast trip. He looked at me and said, “Not likely!” Haha! He knows me too well! I can get very scatterbrained in stores!


God is God. Because He is God, He is worthy of my trust and obedience. I will find rest nowhere but in His holy will, a will that is unspeakably beyond my largest notions of what He is up to. -Elizabeth Elliot


  1. Kathleen, I still get a tickle in my spirit that my Ben and I got to meet you and Cale yesterday. :) :) I don't remember reading about the talking watch. It sounds interesting. I love Elizabeth Elliot. My favorite book of hers is "Keep A quiet Heart". I Have read it several times over the years. I love you, Marion

  2. I love the things Cale says to you! They make me smile. I am thankful that he still has kind words for you even in this dark time. I'm sure he's just following your example, but it's wonderful to read about. :) And no, I don't think you told us about his talking watch! Does he always want to know what time it is?

  3. Great Pictures and such a wonderful way to continue to see the progress each day , week , month , etc!!!! LOVE to you both Reenie !!!!!!


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