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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morning Snuggles :)

The alarm was set for 7am…about 6:45, we both started to stir. I knew Cale was awake so I pretended to be asleep and throw my arm across his face with a fake snore. Cale very gently moved my arm down, so that it would lie across his chest. Again, I let out a fake snore and threw my arm and leg over him. This time he was a little more stuck and I could tell he was trying to figure out how to get out of this predicament.

I couldn’t hold back the laughing any longer! I bust out with a giggle and Cale joined in. From there we were being silly and playful together. He was trying to tickle me, but I was able to squirm away and tickle him instead! I also had a song stuck in my head, so I grabbed the laptop, turned on Itunes, and we listened to FM Static, figuring out the words that we had forgotten of the song I was singing. This of course was followed with even more laughter as we continued to mess up the lyrics. We stayed in bed until the alarm went off. :)

It was beautiful; a very beautiful way to start the day.

It’s been relaxed all day. Cale’s first therapy didn’t start until 1pm! Yesterday was a lot busier with therapy and meetings, so today was a change. ST and OT did a co-treatment working on ways to help Cale get through a task. Right now, he still needs cues for every step of whatever task he’s working on, like, making a sandwich. Today was a trial using an Ipad to see if having note and alarms would help? So far, he didn’t love it other than it just being something neat to play with. We’re going to look at a few more options and see what fits best. I think once we find the perfect fit (just like a pair of jeans), it’s going to become a wonderful and much needed part of our days.

There was supposed to be a therapy dog coming to visit today and they were going to have Cale walk her, but we got a little snow over night; I hear around here, people kind of shut down…so, no dog today!

This afternoon I asked Cale to go on a walk with me. We took the walker the first time and then when we went on a walk later on we took his hockey stick. The first walk we were going down the hall and I started saying, “Left, Left, Left, Right, Left.” Cale walked perfectly instep with what I was saying! He kept up even though it’s a quicker speed then his normal step. We tried in the apartment when we came back, just with him holding my hand, and he did great! He was a little more tired with our second walk, but I’m thinking tomorrow we’ll try marching with his hockey stick. He enjoyed it too! He called me a drill sergeant…haha!

Please continue to pray for Cale's orientation. He doesn't realize that we're in Washington and that we're so close to home. Since we're not in Kennewick (our home town), he thinks we're not even in the U.S. sometimes...I know it'll come, and it's been awesome and so amazing to see his memory progress, even when it's little steps! One way I saw that today, in his ST/OT session, the task they had Cale do was make a sandwich. A couple hours later, he was able to tell another staff (with only a little cueing) what he had made. This is so great!

Thank you for praying for our stay here. Cale has had a better attitude the last two days. He hasn’t been getting upset like he was, which is so nice. It’s such a blessing to know that people are praying for us through this!


  1. Little steps still get you to the mark! So happy for your time together it is precious that you have more alone time now- Love the left right marching beat- you can take the guy out of the Army but not the Army out of the guy lol - Prayed for you guys this morning !!!! Love ya Hugs ! Reenie

  2. You know, my friend, a small child doesn't like going to new places. My daughter (Salome) and granddaughter (Kaitlyn) lived with us all of Kaitlyn's life, until a few months ago. Even though she was with her mommie and new sister, she wanted to come to her first home. She would walk in the door and say she liked being here. Now, she likes visiting and going back to her own place. What I am saying, is not that Cale is a child, but that where he is at now, it's a big change to move, and at first, a little nerve racking for him. Once he gets used to it, it will be you have already seen. I love you and KNOW Father has you right where He wants you for this part of your life. With a hug, Marion

  3. How cute are you!?! Pinning poor Cale and letting him squirm to figure out a plan! Nothing like stretching those "teachable moments" into "processing moments"!
    It sounds if Cale is doing great, and adapting, even though it may not be as quickly as you had hoped. He must do this at his own pace, and I think you're awesome at making him stretch to new heights!
    Bless you both as you continue to heal and grow. Can't wait until you are back here in Tri-Cities...


  4. Hello to the Darlings! I'm so happy for your little love shack and love seeing all the photos. I'd walked by your old empty room D-118 today (209 days) and I'd felt a little sad because I miss seeing you both each morning, BUT I'm thrilled for you two love birds at the same time.

    *Kathleen, come "follow" me at my blog when you can:

    Take care!
    Marian Garcia (7D)

  5. Girl, that IS a beautiful way to start the day! If I flung my arm over Brian's head I think he'd be like, "HEY! Your arm is on my face!!!" Hahaha!

  6. So, how far are you from your hometown? How close is your mom?

    Mandy Anderson


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