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Monday, February 28, 2011

I love being a...

I love being a wife…Cale’s wife!

Last night after I posted the blog and we were ready for bed, I called Rachel to talk about plans of her and Mike coming to visit. After the phone call, Cale looked at me and said, “I’m trying to be happy.” That meant so much to me! It was also so great that he was thinking about it with out me saying anything. We both fell asleep last night being silly and playful with each other. In fact, I had to stop us because it was getting so late and I knew the alarm was still going to wake us up! I treasure these sweet moments with Cale so much.

We’ve been working on getting Cale to do as much as he can in the morning with out help. So far he still needs cues for each step. Getting dressed has been one that I’ve really been trying to get him to do, so I’ve been laying out his clothes and then I get in the shower. So far he’s been able to do most of it, but always gets things mixed up or misses something. Yesterday when I got out of the shower and checked on him, he was trying to get both feet in one sock…ooooh boy! I helped him get situated and guided him through the rest. Well, this morning when I got out of the shower, Cale had done everything by himself! I still have to help him with his shoes a little, but everything else (including deodorant) was done! I am so proud of him. Things like that show that he’s still working hard and making progress. Go Cale!

Today was pretty busy for me with phone calls, texts, and emailing. I’m trying to get things worked out for a few things. A lot happened today!

The official discharge date is March 18th! This is so soon. Cale of course is really excited! He doesn’t understand time yet, but there was lots of talk about leaving the hospital and that idea is heavenly to him! :) I’m really excited too! One of the big things I was working on and making plans for is a trip for just the two of us. It’s not a small trip either…We’re going to be traveling for 2 weeks! I can’t say yet where we’re going, because it’s going to be a surprise for some. I had been planning to take this trip later in the year, instead I decided now was the perfect time. We’re going to be leaving inpatient hospital for good and it’s before getting home and settling. I think this is going to be something really great for Cale too.

Our day was a little crazy since I spent a lot of time working on stuff. In between the business, we played Crazy Eights, Skip-Bo, Bingo, and worked with flash cards. It’s really hard right now to get anything done because Cale is with me all the time. Since there isn’t much he can do on his own, he needs my attention and when I’m busy with stuff, it makes him so bored and frustrated. He has been playing Xbox for (he just looked at me and said, “I’m bored.” Haha…) 15 minutes at a time, so that’s when I try to hurry and get a phone call or something else done. Even though he gets really bored, Cale has been so patient with me!

There are things that need to get done that we’ve been doing together like, dishes, making the bed, and making meals. I even set up a post-it-note thing that we used to plan our trip this afternoon. Cale was a little clueless for most of it, and made sure to tell me that I was confusing him, but it was still fun! :)

The only therapy for him was at 1pm and it was a co-treat with ST and OT. It started out fairly good. I was talking with another staff, so I wasn’t there for the first few minutes. As it progressed through the session, Cale at one point said, “I hate them and I want to punch them. They suck!” Hmm…some one was a little unhappy. Thankfully the OT switched things up and the rest of the session went a lot…um…friendlier? Haha. Our cabinets are now labeled so hopefully this will help Cale with putting dishes away and being able to locate them.

Cale and I are so blessed with the friends in our lives. When I think about how great they are, I can’t help but smile. Joe is a really good friend of both of us. While I was growing up, Joe was like my little brother and then when Cale came into our lives, him and Joe became great friends. When the accident first happened and the Rehab talk started, there were guys that wanted to be there during that time- they were planning on it. Of course, life happens and other things (one of them being us going all over) get in the way. Well, Joe has been so great about visiting when ever he was able, taking the time to call Cale, really encourage him, push him, help with his speech, and he returns Cale’s missed calls. This means so much to me and I know it does to Cale. It’s a blessing that even though Cale is different, he still has amazing friends.

There’s been a lot happening and taking place. A lot of things need to be taken care of and a lot of decisions. One of the things I struggle with (I know I’ve written this before, but I’m challenged with it again…), is that I think way too much about stuff. When I start being consumed with my thoughts, I start building a wall and shut out the Lord. One day I will get it and stop having such a hard time with this, but for now, I’m still working towards that. In Colossians 3:2 it says, “Let heaven fill your thoughts. Do not think only about things down here on earth.” Oops. Yep…I’m working on that one! The things here on earth fill my thoughts and take over way more than they should. When we do allow the things of this earth to fade away, the Bible also says, that if we do that, if we don’t worry about it and let God take reign, then we will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can grasp. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 and then in Colossians 3:15 that we need to let the peace that comes from Christ rule our hearts.

So, here I go. I’m praying and running full speed into the wisdom of these verses.

I was playing cards with Cale and asked him to hold on so I could make the score board. All of a sudden Cale grabs my arm with a firm grip. K: "What are you doing?" I asked. Cale said, "You asked me to hold on!" haha! Nice...


  1. Wow... in one day to go from trying to put both feet into one sock to being dressed and having deodorant on! That is a big step! (I forget deodorant once in a while even, keep some in my car). That he realizes that his unhappiness is affecting you and said that he is trying to be happy... wow, that is big!
    I tend to over-think on things also... and get to far ahead of myself and frustrated.... It is so wonderful to be able to give that to G-d, as long as we keep remembering to do that... Hmmmm, maybe how we see Cale struggling to remember stuff is how G-d sees us when we do the same silly thing over and over again and wind up struggling. ~ Heather

  2. Kathleen - Amazing how far Caleb has come. We continue to pray for you both daily believing for greater things as you move forward. I can not imagine the struggels you have daily add to that the list of what is ahead it can be way to overwhelming...You are wise to give it to the Lord each day - and when you struggel with it - stop drop and kneel :) LOVE to you guys as you plan and execute your trip ! So excited for you both - this should in itself be a healing of sorts !!!!!!!! LOVE YA Reenie ((()))

  3. Dear One!! I am reminded of someone telling me, when we see what's wrong with ourselves, the closer we are to Father. It makes sense, LIGHT exposes darkness. :) I am so excited about your trip. What a way to celebrate leving hospital and going home. Cale is right where Father wants him. He (Cale) has the one Father planned for him to have rightby his side. He (Cale) is on the road to total...repeat, total healing. I love you, Marion


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